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George has built up a portfolio of rental properties over a number of years, focusing on traditional buy-to-let properties and refurbishment strategies in the North of England. George leverages his background in investment to focus on active and research led investment across both property and financial markets. George is a regular contributor to the Landlord Vision blog, focusing on property investment, the profession of being a landlord and writing market research material.
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The Best Bank Accounts for Landlords in 2022

Whether it is in business or in life, the ability to manage one’s finances is a key requirement on the path to financial success. Landlords can appreciate this fact more than most. Regular mortgage payments and numerous expected and unexpected costs necessitate that landlords be on top of their cashflow. As such, it is important to ensure that you […]

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Leaseholders Left in Limbo as RICS Double-down On EWS1 Forms

Landlords and leaseholders find themselves stuck in a frustrating limbo, as the government and trade organisations lock horns over the requirement for leaseholders to provide an up-to-date EWS1 form when a property is valued.  

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The Landlord Vision Landlord Survey 2021

Throughout 2021, Landlord Vision has continued to cement its place as the UK’s foremost property management software for landlords. With a burgeoning user base and over 38,000 tenancies managed in the software up and down the country, we are well placed to understand and serve the UK’s private rental market. With this in mind, we have compiled the results from […]

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Criminal Landlords Are A Blight To Investors and Tenants Alike

Landlords throughout the British Isles face a consistent and incessant public relations battle. Ever the easy target for print media and disgruntled agitators, our industry faces a seemingly never-ending headwind of new regulations. Unfortunately, much of this is driven by negative public caricatures and a misunderstanding of the services landlords provide. However, our industry is also […]

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The Best Regions in the UK For Internet Speeds

Traditionally, if you were to discuss the infrastructure which connects a property to the outside world, you would think of roads, bus routes, rail links and so forth. Yet, with the not-so-recent advent of the digital world, internet connectivity is the primary piece of infrastructure connecting a property to those around it and much further […]

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Mortgage Rates Are Heading Upwards

Interest rates are expected to rise for the first time since 2018. Financial markets are forecasting that the Bank of England (BoE) will be forced to increase interest rates before the end of the year. Perhaps more startingly, markets are predicting that interest rates will increase to 1.00% by August next year. That is a […]

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A Landlord’s Guide to REITs

Properties can make a fantastic investment. As an asset class, they have a long list of attractive characteristics. Whether it is their tangible nature, long-term track record, income production, or ability to utilise leverage, there is certainly something of appeal for everyone. However, property investment does come with one glaring barrier to entry: significant start-up […]

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A Landlord’s Guide to Redecorating

In a recent poll, the National Association of Residential Landlords (NRLA) surveyed 162 of its members to determine how many were unashamed DIY-ers. Of those that responded, a substantial 86 percent admitted to undertaking some form of decorating or repair work on their properties, with only 14 percent relying exclusively on professionals. 

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Property Investment Still Worthwhile Despite Pandemic Hardship

The past year has been one of hardship and challenge for landlords and the nation as a whole. Despite this, a recent survey of over 500 landlords by Simply Business found that 15% have recently bought a property or plan to buy one in the coming months.  

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Build-To-Rent: The UK’s Largest Landlords

For decades, the UK’s private rental sector has been something akin to a cottage industry. The vast majority of landlords operate between one and four properties. Just 17% of landlords have more than five properties, with the remaining 83% having four or less. This includes nearly half of all landlords (45%) who have just one rental property […]

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How Does the UK’s Housing Market Compare Internationally?

It has been a stellar year for UK property owners, with house prices rising over 8.8% in the 12-months to June. However, we are not alone in experiencing a year of unprecedented house price growth. In fact, it could be said that house price growth has been relatively sedate when compared against the rest of the […]

By 4 min read
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Has Coronavirus Impacted the 18-Year Cycle?

Fred Harrison’s 18-Year Cycle has captivated a large proportion of the property investment community. New posts and publications on the topic are released on a seemingly daily basis, as the theory continues to gain ground.  

By 5 min read
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The New Green Homes Initiative Will Cost Landlords £21.5bn

Heatwaves, flooding and droughts will be more frequent and more intense, so says a landmark report by United Nations’ (UN) Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). The report predicts that the worlds temperature will soon be 1.5 degrees warmer due to human influence.  

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How Much Have Landlords Spent on Rent Reductions During the Pandemic?

Whilst the first rays of normality have returned, the past year has certainly been one of the toughest in recent history. It has taken extraordinary measures by both the national government and the average person to pull through this pandemic. Although certain segments of the media may loathe to admit it, landlords as a community […]

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