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Landlord News category

New features in Landlord Vision – June 2024 Update

You may or may not have seen it, but we had a big update on the 10th June 2024.  All of them are legacy features so if you are a user of the older software, you will probably be familiar with these.  Here is a quick overview of all of the features that went live […]

By 3 min read

10 Popular Property Investment Strategies in 2024

With demand for property outstripping supply in the UK and property prices consistently rising, real estate remains one of the most reliable and lucrative investment avenues.

By 7 min read

Changing with the Seasons: When to Improve Your Property for Less

As landlords across the country know all too well, keeping your property appealing and up-to-date with the latest energy solutions and aesthetics is key when it comes to attracting prospective tenants.

By 4 min read

Landlords Need to Understand and Prepare for Some Changes 

We now know that the Renters Reform Bill did not make it through parliament before close down for the General Election and therefore the future of the Bill very much depends on who wins the Election. 

By 9 min read

Spring Budget 2024: What Does it Mean for Landlords?

The UK Government’s 2024 Spring budget was recently delivered by Chancellor Jeremy Hunt, introducing the country’s financial trajectory for the near future. This one was eloquently labelled as a long-term plan for sustainable financial growth and is likely to be the last financial statement before the next general election, which must take place before the […]

By 5 min read

6 Alternatives to Go Tenant Software: Tailored Solutions for UK Property Investors

A hand reaching up to touch a digital property symbolising property management software

By 10 min read

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Unlock the top 10 secrets of successful landlords

Ready to learn how to elevate your rental business? You don’t need a killer CV or years of experience to manage a rental property. Essentially, anyone who meets the criteria to register as a landlord and secure the appropriate financing can take on the job.

By 7 min read

What does the new Restructuring Plan in insolvency mean for landlords?

Introduced as part of the Corporate Insolvency Governance Act (CIGA) 2020, Restructuring Plans represent the biggest change to the insolvency industry in decades.

By 3 min read

Leaseholders: When Landlords Are Also Tenants

Official Statistics Leasehold dwellings, 2020 to 2021 Published 7 July 2022 According to the government’s official statistics, there were an estimated 4.86 million leasehold dwellings in England in 2020-21.

By 10 min read

Some Positive Changes for Private Landlords to Look Forward to

There is so much happening which has a negative impact on private landlords at the moment and so much in the pipeline. But it is important to keep an eye on the whole picture and balance the negative aspects of our business with the positive changes which will be good for the whole PRS.

By 9 min read

Renters Reform Bill – Where Are We Now?

No one was more surprised than me when the announcement came to say that the Renters Reform Bill would get its second reading on Monday 23rd October.  Between the party conferences and the recess periods, it was very unlikely that it would be added to the list for debate before the new year and yet […]

By 9 min read

The Abolition of Section 21 Notices Delayed Indefinitely

As the nights become more gloomy and house prices begin to frost, the government have provided some much needed warmth to the hearts British of landlords. The government recently acknowledged the need to reform the court system prior to abolishing Section 21 eviction notices. In effect, delaying the abolition of ‘no-fault’ evictions indefinitely.

By 5 min read

October and Time to Think About Winter Issues

Whether we offer “all-inclusive” rent (usually HMO rooms) or our tenants pay for their own heating we need to recognise that winter energy bills will have an impact on our rentals. The dreaded damp and mould season is about to begin and it’s important that we do our best to avoid the health risks and […]

By 9 min read

Evictions are Becoming More Difficult for Landlords

Housing Loss Preventing Advice Service “From Tuesday 1 August 2023, the new Housing Loss Prevention Advice Service (HLPAS) commences across England and Wales.

By 9 min read

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