Meet the team behind the Landlord Vision software
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Great landlord software requires a great team

And the Landlord Vision team is here to make your life easier

Whether you’re upgrading from a manual system, or switching from another tool that’s not serving you well, we know it can be daunting starting out with new software.

That’s why we provide exceptional support, going above and beyond what you would expect. You’ll get…

The Landlord Vision software is easy to use, but if you need any help the team is here for you every step of the way.

Amer Siddiq Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Providing solutions to help people – it’s really what matters to Amer!

I’m a landlord and entrepreneur. My first business, Property Tax Portal, has helped over 40,000 landlords and investors benefit from free tax saving strategies and resources.

Evolving from property tax advice to include overall property management, we created Property Portfolio Software. This award-winning desktop-based landlord software was the foundation of what has now become Landlord Vision.

Our goal with Landlord Vision was simple: to build a single powerful tool that makes it easier for landlords to manage their properties. Let me to introduce the team…

Joshua Findlater Business Development Manager
The first time I bought a universal remote, I thought to myself; ‘This changes everything’.

With over a decade of experience in the residential property industry, Josh works closely with Landlords to help them get the most from their investment. As a self-styled foodie, in his spare time Josh can either be found cooking or trying out new dining spots.

Nikolay Datsov Project Manager
Just when you think you have THE solution, Nick has a better one!

Nick leads our highly experienced software development team, taking a pivotal role in designing all our software products to-date. Nick turns complex systems and code into simple and easy-to-use products that improve the lives of our customers.

Emmeline Jarvis Head of Operations
There are billions of smiles in the world but Emm’s is our favourite.

Hailing from the banking industry and armed with wonderful people skills, Emmeline works closely with our team, our partners and our customers to make sure Landlord Vision is the best solution for landlords.

Roy Dixon Support Manager
A customer once described Roy as ‘very useful and a mastermind behind everything’ none of us disagree.

With more than 12 years of software support experience, Roy handles all of our support questions and works closely with the development team to ensure that Landlord Vision continues to deliver the features that our customers need.

Kat Black Marketing Manager
Kat’s favourite exercise is a cross between a lunge and a crunch, she calls it lunch.

Kat is Landlord Vision’s new Marketing Manager. She has spent the last two years growing all aspects of marketing for a start-up, taking them from a few hundred customers to 50,000 and she is here to do the same for Landlord Vision. In her spare time Kat can be found reading anything marketing related or scribing her latest masterpiece.

Susan Dyson Support Assistant
Sue tried to be normal once, worst two minutes of her life.

Sue heads up our support team. She makes sure that even though we have thousands of customers, every single one gets fast, friendly and personalised support.

Mubasher Ali Certified Public Accountant UK (CPA)
Creates his own sunshine.

Combining his expertise in accounting and accounting software, Mubasher has led the design of the integrated accounting engine (which is so comprehensive, you don’t need any other accounting software).

Megan Tullett Marketing Assistant
When nothing goes right Megan goes left. And if that doesn't work, she goes for a power nap.

Megan is Landlord Vision’s Marketing Assistant. She is a recent graduate with experience in marketing for a start-up company, and she is here to assist Kat with the marketing activities as the company grows. In her spare time she enjoys visiting new places and trying the local food. Her favourite city so far is Budapest.

Ben North Software Support Assistant
The extra mile is just a normal day for Ben, his over and above is someone else’s heroic feat.

Ben hails from the print and photocopier industry where he has worked for both small and multinational corporations since 2003. Ben has a vast knowledge of supporting software in a helpdesk role. Ben is a keen ultra-marathon runner and has spent 5 days self sufficient in the Amazon rainforest covering 230 km in 5 days. Ben is also an On Call Firefighter for Cheshire Fire and Rescue supporting his local community in their hour of need.

Krasimir Hristozov Agile Project Management and System Administration
Krasimir is a cupcake in a world of muffins.

Krasimir has been programming and leading software development teams for almost 20 years, filling in multiple roles (web developer, project manager, product manager, business analyst). He is a big proponent of clean coding and following best software development practices.

Angel Draganov Web/Mobile Development and Customer Support
It always seems impossible until Angel does it.

Angel is a back-end and front-end developer with more than 15 years of programming experience. He works on the business logic of the software and the API, as well as the user interface and the Landlord Vision mobile applications.

Plamen Valchinovski Web Development
Anything but predictable.

Plamen is an experienced Web developer with a Master's degree in Computer Science. He is the lead developer of the Landlord Vision Web application, adding new features and squashing bugs as soon as such appear.

Ivo Vladimirov Web Design, UI/UX
You can’t do epic stuff with rubbish people, that’s why we’ve got Ivo.

Ivo is a Web designer and UI/UX expert with 12 years of experience. He uses his design prowess to turn consumer needs into a finished product. Outside of work, Ivo is an artistic person interested in sports and adventures.

"The product is easy to access and use with a logical dashboard style layout and a comprehensive help system." Tom Entwistle
Tom Entwistle, Director LandlordZone

Some rules we live by…

Your success is our success – If we don’t make it easier to manage your portfolio, then you’re not going to remain a customer for long. So every feature we consider and every decision we make has to answer the question: “Will this make life better for our customers?”
It's best to speak plainly – We’re landlords, just like you. So we speak like normal human beings, cutting out the jargon and the marketing speak. You can always expect a straight answer with a friendly smile.
Speak less, listen more – When you build a product, it’s easy to design what you think is best. We know it’s wise to listen to you. So our customers have an active say in the evolution of Landlord Vision, ensuring our software always meets your needs.

Landlord Vision is intuitive and easy-to-use.
But if you need help, we’re here for you.

Let's start getting you organised

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