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17 Warning Signs That You Are a Terrible Landlord

A landlord holding a red card

Rogue landlords are a blight on the private rental sector landscape, yet more often than not they manage to evade prosecution. In a bid to tackle the problem, a database of rogue landlords was put in place in 2018 by the then prime minister, Theresa May. Local authorities can now add rogue landlords to the database and tenants can search it if they want to make sure their landlord isn’t famous for all the wrong reasons.

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How to Buy the Right Buy-to-Let Property

A magnifying glass over a house

Some landlords enter the sector when they inherit a property or decide to move in with a partner and let their home out to cover the mortgage. They are known in the biz as ‘accidental landlords’ because letting out the property was not their original intention. However, data from the National Landlords Survey 2018 [link downloads as PDF] revealed that more than half (53%) of landlords had bought a property with the intention of letting it out.

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Fitting a Log Burner in a Rental Property? Landlords Beware!

A log burner in a rental property

Log burners and multi fuel stoves are becoming increasingly popular. They generate more heat than a traditional open fire and create a sense of ambience in a larger living room. For landlords hoping to attract a more discerning tenant, a log burner or multi fuel stove is a nice touch, but what many landlords and homeowners don’t realise is that they may need building regulations approval prior to installation of the appliance. Read more…

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