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Advice for landlords category

Designing a Garden for Maximum Tenant Appeal

The rental market is a competitive place and, as a result, landlords and property managers are always striving to find new and innovative ways to make their properties stand out to the right tenants.

By 4 min read

What responsibilities do landlords have for white and brown goods?

When preparing a rental property for tenants, landlords must make many important decisions, including whether or not to equip the property with white and brown goods.

By 7 min read

The Landlord’s Guide to HMRC Tax Investigations

Opening a letter to discover you’re under investigation by HMRC is a headache every landlord would rather avoid.

By 8 min read

How can landlords leverage social media?

Are you leveraging social media to boost your rental business? Research by We Are Social has found that there are 56.2 million social media users in the UK – that’s the equivalent of 82.8% of the total population. These users spend an average of one hour and 49 minutes across 6.4 platforms.

By 8 min read

How to identify high-yielding properties to maximise your rental income

Want to increase your property investment returns?  Learn how to calculate rental yields and identify high-yielding properties to boost your rental income.

By 7 min read

Food for Thought on Evictions and Homelessness from an Experienced Landlord

A landlord friend asked me a question last week and it has given me food for thought. “I you could change just one thing in the private lettings business what would it be – excluding finance and taxation – something realistic.”

By 9 min read

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Tips to Increase the Value of your House

There are many ways in which landlords looking to sell their properties in 2024 can increase the value of their house, through either quick wins or longer-term projects.

By 3 min read

How is technology changing property management?

Love it or hate it, technology has revolutionised the way that most businesses operate – including those in the property management sector.

By 7 min read

Protect Your Rental Property: Essential Security Tips for Landlords

As a landlord, it’s essential to prioritise security. During the year ending September 2023, there were over 180,000 residential burglaries in England and Wales – that’s roughly 493 burglaries every day.

By 6 min read

5 Common Compliance Pitfalls for Landlords and How to Avoid Them

Navigating the landscape of property rental involves more than just finding the right tenants; it’s also about rigorous adherence to legal standards to avoid significant liabilities. Compliance isn’t just a legal requirement; it’s a critical component of successful property management that safeguards both the landlord and the tenant. Understanding and avoiding common compliance pitfalls is […]

By 4 min read

How does commercial property leasing differ from residential leasing?

Most landlords opt for residential properties when they’re new to property investment. Residential property has always been a more popular investment, and it’s easy to understand why. Generally, residential properties require a lower deposit and are less complicated and lower-risk investments. However, more experienced landlords often expand into the commercial market over time, lured by […]

By 7 min read

Maximising Returns: A Guide for UK Landlords on Embracing Solar Power 

With the UK’s focus on renewables, savvy landlords are installing solar panels on their rentals, attracting eco-conscious tenants and enjoying cost savings.

By 4 min read

Where We Can Save Money Without Compromising Standards and Safety 

At the moment, there are thousands of landlords who are on the brink of selling up, I don’t intend to talk about the reasons for this, most of us know only too well.  What I do want to do is explore options where we can make some savings to help to get through this difficult […]

By 9 min read

Preparing Your Property for a Rainy Day: How to Make Lasting Changes to Your Rental Property

When preparing your property for prospective tenants, one of the surest ways to attract them to it is by showing them that you have made conscious, durable adjustments to the property. The latest technology and an aesthetically appealing look are highly sought after features that tenants look for in a rental property. 

By 3 min read

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