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George has built up a portfolio of rental properties over a number of years, focusing on traditional buy-to-let properties and refurbishment strategies in the North of England. George leverages his background in investment to focus on active and research led investment across both property and financial markets. George is a regular contributor to the Landlord Vision blog, focusing on property investment, the profession of being a landlord and writing market research material.

What Will Happen to House Prices in 2023?

January is a time for the future, an opportunity to look ahead to what might be and to make right the gluttony of Christmas. For those of us with a substantial stake in the property market, it is also an opportunity to ponder what the next 12 months may hold for landlords and the UK’s […]

By 5 min read

Landlords are Selling up as Interest Rates Pinch

The private rental sector is beginning to buckle, as an increasing number of landlords are opting to sell up and leave the sector. Sky News reported that the number of landlords selling their properties has risen by 13% over the past four months, driven out by increasing costs and punitive legislation. Whilst landlords leaving the […]

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What Does the Autumn Statement Mean for Landlords? 

As the skies darken and the cold winter months begin to take hold, the outlook for landlords looks set to get ever bleaker. On the 17th of November, the government announced its Autumn Statement, with the new Chancellor of the Exchequer – Jeremy Hunt – opting to take a decidedly different path to his predecessor’s […]

By 5 min read

Are We Stuck in a Housing Zugzwang and How to Make the Right Move? 

It’s a volatile time for the housing market and the country in general. No sooner than people have digested the mini-budget, all the key policies are repealed. Expected interest rates, with their corresponding 2-year mortgage rates, bounced as high as 6%, before falling back down over the past month. Every week brings a new ‘leaked’ […]

By 8 min read

Why Does the UK Still Need Landlords? 

Some might argue that it is fair to say that we landlords are not a publicly popular cast. Despite our cohorts being filled with, for the most part, people seeking to better their lives and the lives of their families, we do suffer a public image problem. In part, this is due to an extremely […]

By 7 min read

Homeowners and Landlords are Facing Mortgage Mayhem 

Financial markets are starting to get frothy. Economic headwinds are beginning to churn the waters of global financial markets, with volatility spiking and asset prices tanking over the course of the year. Whilst the causes may be abstract and miles from our shores, their effects have very real consequences for homeowners and landlords throughout the […]

By 7 min read

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What Does the ‘Mini-Budget’ Mean for Landlords Blog header

What Does the ‘Mini-Budget’ Mean for Landlords? 

The recent weeks and months have certainly been eventful, with the British public witnessing a new head of state, a new government, and an increasingly worrying economic environment. To add further volatility and uncertainty into the pot, Kwasi Kwarteng – the latest Chancellor of the Exchequer – announced a not so ‘mini’ budget on Friday […]

By 9 min read

A Landlord’s Guide To Permitted Development 

As the government continues to squeeze landlords and force many out of the market, it is becoming increasingly evident that landlords seeking to generate sufficient returns need to find ways of adding value. Such value can come from less tangible actions, such as an understanding of the market, knowledge of infrastructure spending or tasteful décor, […]

By 7 min read
Wooden houses and a stop sign indicating rent freezes

Rent Freezes: Scottish Landlords Face Further Challenges

The current climate is not an easy one for UK landlords. After a decade of increasingly hostile legislation, landlords must now face up to the likelihood of declining house prices, tougher borrowing requirements and deteriorating economic conditions. Unfortunately the situation for Scottish Landlords is even more bleak. On the 6th of September, First Minister Nicola […]

By 5 min read
Captain Hindsight – Lessons I Have Learned as a Landlord featured image

Captain Hindsight – Lessons I Have Learned as a Landlord 

Over five years ago, I took my first tentative steps toward becoming a landlord. Like many, I was captivated by the prospect of a secure, passive income and a healthy retirement fund that would support me in my future years. What is more, how hard could it really be? There are countless books, videos, and […]

By 10 min read

Is the UK Housing Market Heading for a Crash? 

It may well be time to batten down the hatches and prepare for an oncoming housing storm. The Bank of England (BoE) recently released updated guidance suggesting that the UK economy is likely to experience a prolonged recession, with up to five consecutive quarters of negative growth.  

By 6 min read
3 paper houses

It’s Time to Say Goodbye to ‘No-Fault’ Section 21 Notices

One of the headline policies of the government’s recent Renters Reform Bill has been the proposed abolition of ‘no-fault’ Section 21 Notices. The announcement doesn’t come as much of a surprise, having been first put forward as far back as April 2019. The Conservative government have consistently stated their manifesto commitment to the abolition of […]

By 9 min read

A Landlord’s Guide to The Renter’s Reform Bill

On the 16th of June 2022, the government released its long-awaited white paper on rental reform in the UK, titled ‘A Fairer Private Rented Sector’. The report is arguably one of the biggest shake-ups to the private rental sector in over 30 years, advocating wholesale changes to the structure of tenancy agreements, eviction rights and […]

By 6 min read

Housing Reform Has to Be a Priority for The Next PM

On July 7th, Boris Johnson announced his intention to step down as leader of the Conservative Party and to resign his position as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom once a new leader has been chosen. Irrespective of who is chosen to become the next leader of the Conservative Party and the United Kingdom, one […]

By 5 min read

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