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Landlord Vision reviews from customers and experts

Landlords (small and large) use Landlord Vision to manage thousands of tenancies across the UK. It helps them to get better organised, reduce admin time and make life easier. Here you'll find a wide range of reviews from landlords who've all had great success using Landlord Vision.

If you Trial this, you will love it - and if its not perfect they are always improving it

I am very pleased to be able to share my experience of being a Landlord Vision subscriber for +- 2 months now.

I carefully researched the software market and other alternative forms of support for a landlord trying to cope better with managing a property without an Agent.... after trialling some of the available options and rejecting them due to limited task/goal/project planning abilities I committed my time to Landlord Vision and have been very, very pleased with my own organisational improvement and I am always blown away with the speed of the online customer support! as well as their patience and expertise :-) Having worked in private and government sectors using complex and large databases - nothing in my UK experiences comes close to Landlord Vision !

Trustpilot Review

Does what it says on the tin

Wardle Property
Trustpilot Review

An excellent tool for every landlord

I was reluctant to move the management of my three properties from the system I'd used happily for 5 years. I'd considered upgrading once before, taking a free trial of another property management package but didn't like that at all. It was Making Tax Digital which provided the impetus this time.
My experience with Landlord Vision has been so very different. The wonderful people on the help desk got me through an initial hitch - yes, they're real - no automated replies here. It's simple, logical and you can use as many or few of its facilities as you wish.
I'm confident that Landlord Vision is the right solution for me and I challenge any and every private landlord to give it a try.

Rosemary Flower
Trustpilot Review

A Clean & Good Looking Cloud Based Solution

Have just started using Landlord Vision and after a brief stumbling around period I'm finding it really useful. At first it can be a bit confusing to get your head around (due to my inexperience as a landlord and accountant) but there is a very useful tutorial/support section and the LV team have been very punctual in answering my support questions.

It's a very clean and good looking interface and I can see that feature requests from users and general bug fixes are always being implimented.

I've only just started to use it but I'm really looking forward to building the software into my business as it makes the admin side of being a landlord clean, efficient and timesaving.

A* from me

Toby Linevitz-Matthews
Trustpilot Review

LV: Excellent Experience Managing 8 Properties

We use Landlord Vision to manage eight properties. One directly managed, the others through agents. I have recommended it because it is easy to learn/use and allows you to start with the basics and then build out. Key things for us are;
*It's made our tax returns really fast/easy (5 minutes - just generate the report and plug in to online tax assessment)
* It means that I do record every expense now and things don't get missed
* The property section holds details of all safety checks and white goods and generates email reminders if requested so easier to directly manage and deal with break/fix.
* It has a journal to record interactions with tenants (visit reports etc) so easy to keep track and record there if needed
* LV has a good feature request process and so the product continues to evolve/improve - will be essential for us now the dreaded Digital Tax nightmare is on it's way.

In a nutshell this product together with the NLA tenant agreements etc means that we are now moving to take more of our properties direct and so saving management fees so I reckon we'll be about £5k a year better off.

Karen Scott
Trustpilot Review

Excellent software & support

Excellent support. Software very easy to use, but when I have had problems, the team at Landlord Vision have sorted these out very quickly.
Also had the same level of support when I used the free version as I have now on the subscription one.
Would highly recommend the software to landlords looking to sort out their portfolio.

Judgeland Properties
Trustpilot Review

Get Landlord Vision now!

I can highly recommend Landlord Vision to other Landlords, it makes the whole process of managing my property portfolio very easy.

KMS Properties
Trustpilot Review

I believe that this is going to make big difference to our business whilst saving me lots of time

Just want to thank you all very much for your considerable support. I am sure there will be many more queries but I am increasingly hopeful that this is going to work for us. Your extremely prompt and clear assistance is very much appreciated and I believe that this is going to make big difference to our business whilst (eventually!) saving me lots of time.

Gaynor B, UK Landlord

Landlord Vision means I can manage my portfolio from anywhere in the world

On starting my property journey I was keen to use a dedicated property management solution to hold all the critical information required in self managing a portfolio. After searching the internet I came across Landlords Property Manager. The solution was cost effective and it had everything I needed to successfully manage a property portfolio.

After using it for more than a year the hosted version, Landlord Vision, was announced, which was great as it meant I could manage my portfolio from anywhere in the world, not just fixed to one location. I have been using it for a number of years now and can truly say it has been a dream to use and has grown as my business has grown.

I believe the key to the success of the software isn't the software itself, but the team behind the software. I've had numerous queries over the years and the team at Landlord Vision have always listened to feedback and practically in all cases enhanced the software following my queries. I like the flexibility that the solutions offers and as my business grows confident that Landlord Vision will adapt to those needs.

Phillip C, UK Landlord

Landlord Vision is the best software and has fantastic tech support to boot.

I've been a property investor since 2001 and have gradually accumulated a small portfolio of properties. Effectively collating the enormous amount of legal paperwork, rent records, maintenance tasks, calendar events, trades contacts, mortgage details, tenancy detail etc has been an onerous and fragmented task. Until now.

I can truly say that Landlord Vision has changed all of this. After years of countless excel files, box files and A4 folders, it is so refreshing to have everything all in one place. It's not just that buying some property software has been the defining change either, because I've previously laboured with software from three different LV competitors. Landlord Vision is the best software and has fantastic tech support to boot.

Iain Smith, UK Landlord

Landlord Vision has given me the solution I need run my small portfolio.

I am a new landlord with a small portfolio of properties. I wanted to keep good accounting records and started to work an Excel spreadsheet but found it time consuming trying to design it with all the facilities I wanted.

I had joined NLA and started to use their accounts programme and there was the ability to upgrade to Landlord Vision. It had all the facilities I was trying to create myself.

Landlord Vision has given me the solution I need run my small portfolio. The best thing is that there is support at the click of a button with good people on hand to help with anything I don't understand.

Janice Beukes, UK Landlord

Landlord Vision is particularly easy to use!

We had no formal record keeping solution and key information was held by one member of staff. This raised efficiency and business continuity issues.

We chose Landlord Vision after we read online recommendations and was able to trial it for free.

Landlord Vision is particularly easy to use and it has given us the formal record solution we required and made our work practices more efficient. Being cloud based means that we can work remotely, which is important for us!

Vere Osborne Associates RICS, MIRPM Intertrade Associates Limited

A serious piece of portfolio management software!

Having taken over the day to day management of my family’s property portfolio, it was evident that we needed to make the move from paper to digital. We were looking for a one-stop software solution that could be accessed from anywhere, by multiple users, and that was intuitive enough for everyone to be able to use. The primary aim of switching to a software based management system was to cut down on management/admin time, improve the recording of income and expenditure, and most importantly to keep on top of arrears.

We chose Landlord Vision because it has a nice clean design, is easy to use, and yet has the depth to qualify as a serious piece of portfolio management software. It is cloud based so I am not tethered to my desk, and allows for full read/write access for multiple users simultaneously. It also has the option to keep track of financing and mortgages, as well as helping with tax returns. Considering all that it offered for a modest monthly payment we also felt that it was great value for money as well.

The most noticeable thing about Landlord Vision is how it makes admin easy. We have found that both the inputting and recalling of data is vastly quicker than before. Our records are much more accurate, and therefore so is our accounting. The early warning systems allow us to keep on top of arrears easily and the reports are useful to get up to date snapshots of different aspects of the portfolio. Overall Landlord Vision has been a huge help to our business. Most importantly it has cut down admin time and allowed us to get on with growing the portfolio.

Simon Pound, Portfolio Manager

Landlord Vision was by far the simplest and yet most powerful!

I took over as treasurer of a voluntary social housing agency in Dublin in mid-2014. We have responsibility for 49 social housing units. As a person with a tendency to ‘nerdism’ I immediately thought that I'd set up my own spreadsheets to manage the finances. I spent about a day planning how I'd do it, then I realised 'OMG!' this is more complex then I originally thought. Straight on to Google to search for property management software. Spent another day or two downloading free trial software packages and playing with them. I soon realised that Landlord Vision was by far the simplest and yet most powerful in meeting our specific needs – particularly with regard to dual payments from the tenant (weekly) and the Local Housing Authority (monthly) for a specific property. Very happy that the package is cloud based which automatically provides backup in the event hard disc crash/fire or whatever disaster that can happen with other systems.

Landlord Vision has also been very responsive to support queries and with minor suggestions for improving further the overall package. Good value for money. Highly recommended.

Peter Branagan, Treasurer, Dublin 16

Landlord Vision was the only software that met my needs.

I have a portfolio of 10 properties which I manage without an Agent. Previously I used my own database which I designed a few years ago, but as the number of properties increased it was becoming clear that my database did not meet all my needs. In particular it was lacking key functionality around; financial recording & reporting, reminders and more flexible rent management.

I had also moved over to using a Mac and therefore needed software that was not restricted to a particular device.

I researched the various software options available and took advantage of the free trials.

Landlord Vision was the only software that met my needs as a Landlord managing my own properties. It offers so much more than just managing rents. It helps me manage my properties, tenants, expenses, rents, mortgages, tasks and important Landlord responsibilities such as safety certificates and insurance as well as much more. The reminders and early warnings are an essential requirement for me personally.

I am incredibly impressed with the support team. New time saving features are regularly released and it is brilliant that the users have an input into how Landlord Vision is evolving. The team are genuinely designing the software around the Landlords who use it!

The software is very user friendly, set out clearly and I feel in total control of my property business.

Karen Barry, NLA Accredited Landlord

An impressive, powerful, yet very user friendly system!

Since migrating to Landlord Vision software, we have not looked back. It is an impressive, powerful, yet very user friendly system.

The initial set-up is straightforward, although as with any management system the time spent on initial set-up pays back dividends in the reporting functionality later. From there on creating new properties, tenancies, suppliers etc. is fast and easy, no-one wants to spend too much time on the basic but essential data.

The standard reports available are comprehensive, giving both a top level view of the business but also detailed reports so we can see areas that need focus, be it empty rooms, empty properties, overdue rent payments or mortgage data and keep on top of expenses.

Having the total picture of our business is great.

The on-line Help Tutorials are useful, but we have been really impressed with the support desk who are very helpful if you have any questions.

Sonya Evans, Bedford Estates
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