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Compulsory Arbitration Scheme for Landlords in the Pipeline

Following calls from the Citizens Advice, Sajid Javid recently announced plans to put in place a compulsory arbitration scheme for landlords. It will soon become a legal requirement for private landlords to sign up to the scheme, so tenants can access a dispute resolution process if they have issues with their landlord.

The scheme first came to the attention of the press when Mr Javid spoke about it at the Conservative Party Conference. Read more…

Will Landlords Stop Using Letting Agents?

Research carried out by a leading landlord mortgage provider has found that 30% of landlords claim they will stop using a letting agent if their costs go up. Thanks to recent legislative changes, letting agents will no longer be able to charge tenants fees when they rent a property via an agent. Many believe this will end up costing landlords more, as letting agents recoup their losses by charging landlords extra.

Landlords Think Twice
73% of UK landlords currently use a letting agent to manage their properties, but 12% told researchers they would think twice about the arrangement if their landlord fees were increased. Of the 27% of landlords who don’t use a letting agent. 80% don’t charge tenants any fees when they rent a property, even though they must pay for credit checks, contact references and deal with paperwork. Read more…

One in Seven Councillors is a Landlord

Analysis by the Guardian has revealed that one in seven elected councillors in rental hotspots is a landlord. This has raised concerns that there could be a conflict of interest on matters pertaining to landlords in the private rental sector. The figures were revealed after councillor declarations of interest, which councillors are obliged to make when elected, were analysed.

Torbay is one such rental hotspot. There, 39% of elected councillors on the Torbay town council own rental properties. Three Torbay councillors, including the mayor, own a total of 68 rental properties. One of them has raked in more than £63k in housing benefit in the last two years. In Leeds, 26 out of 99 councillors own rental properties and in Bournemouth, 15 out of 37 councillors have an interest in the private rental sector. Read more…

Landlord Left with £10k Bill

A landlord left with a £10k bill for damages and court costs after finally evicting a problem tenant is calling for a change in the law. The tenant, a single mother with three children, moved into the “immaculate” property in September 2016. It wasn’t long before she defaulted on the rent.

Two Written Warnings
The landlord sent out two written warnings, as per standard procedure, but the tenant refused to pay the outstanding rent or move out. Finally, the landlord took the tenant to court to gain possession of the rental property and won her case. Bailiffs were sent to the property, but the tenant had already absconded. Read more…

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