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As the global emphasis on sustainable living gains momentum, landlords find themselves at the intersection of environmental responsibility and financial opportunity. Solar panels, once considered a niche addition to properties, are now emerging as a valuable investment for landlords seeking to align with modern values and enhance the appeal of their rental offerings.

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Problems Caused by Poor Communication Between Landlord and Tenants

I was sent a link to a video. The person who sent the link is not a landlord, but he knows that I am and that I also do Airbnb. He couldn’t understand why I didn’t find it amusing and having watched it again I realised that often there is a complete mismatch between the […]

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Unlock the top 10 secrets of successful landlords

Ready to learn how to elevate your rental business? You don’t need a killer CV or years of experience to manage a rental property. Essentially, anyone who meets the criteria to register as a landlord and secure the appropriate financing can take on the job.

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What does the new Restructuring Plan in insolvency mean for landlords?

Introduced as part of the Corporate Insolvency Governance Act (CIGA) 2020, Restructuring Plans represent the biggest change to the insolvency industry in decades.

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Red Flags To Watch For When Evaluating A Rental Property

Buying a rental property can seem like a smart investment on paper. However, hidden issues that are overlooked upfront can end up costing owners far more down the road in repairs and maintenance. As an investor, you want to avoid buying a “money pit” rental filled with expensive problems.

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Pro tips for handling tenant complaints

How you handle tenant complaints says a lot about you as a landlord. Even if you have a fantastic relationship with your tenant most of the time, it’s how you respond during the more challenging moments that will stick in their minds.

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Decorating rental properties: What are the landlord’s responsibilities?

Interior appeal: a key factor in tenant experience and property value Many landlords underestimate the importance of maintaining their rental property’s interior décor. While you’re probably well aware that investing in your property’s aesthetics can make it more appealing to prospective tenants and improve tenant experience, have you also considered how maintaining your property’s decor […]

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