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Is Landlord Licensing A Rip-Off?

Landlord licensing schemes are becoming increasingly common, especially in London where rental housing is very common. Nottingham landlords are faced with a new scheme that starts in August whilst Luton council is one of many looking closely at the idea. Local housing chiefs say that introducing landlord licensing helps them to crack down on rogue landlords, but critics believe licensing schemes is simply a money-making endeavour.

How do Licensing Schemes Work?
When a selective licensing scheme is introduced, landlords must pay several hundred pounds to register their properties with the local authority. The landlord and his properties are then inspected to make sure s/he is a ‘fit and proper person’ and the properties are safe for tenants. If problems are discovered, landlords face hefty fines. Read more…

Landlords Unhappy at Government Proposals to Introduce 3-Year Tenancies

The government wants to bring in minimum three-year tenancy contracts for tenants, but landlords are not happy. They say most tenants don’t want this.

Government Consultation Paper
James Brokenshire, the Housing, Communities, and Local Government secretary, is calling for longer tenancy agreements as standard. He says it will give tenants greater security and peace of mind. A new consultation paper published today will recommend that tenancy agreements should be increased to a three-year term, with the option for tenants to end it earlier if they choose. Read more…

RLA Calls for Government to Scrap 3% Second Home Levy

The Residential Landlords Association is calling for the government to scrap the 3% stamp duty land tax on second and subsequent homes. It says the 3% SDLT should not apply to properties that add to the overall housing stock.

When 3% SDLT Kicks In
Th 3% SDLT kicks in when a landlord invests in a property to let. It includes all second and subsequent properties, including empty shop and office conversions, and also if a landlord converts a larger property into smaller dwellings. Read more…

Rogue Landlord Illegally Evicts Tenants

A rogue landlord has been jailed for 16 weeks after illegally evicting 35 men from a three-bed property. Ilie Florin Dragusin had illegally sub-let his three-bed property in London to make extra money.

Appalling Living Conditions
When council housing officials were tipped off that the property was being sub-let, they called round to investigate. They were shocked to discover that Dragusin had stuffed every room in the property with mattresses, including the kitchen, and crammed 35 men in there. The house was so overcrowded that some of the men were forced to sleep in the garden under a tarpaulin. Meanwhile, Dragusin was enjoying a far more comfortable existence a few miles away, at his parent’s home. Read more…

Rogue Landlord Ordered to Repay £300K

A rogue landlord convicted of letting out illegally converted flats in London had been ordered to repay the £300k he made in rental income. If he fails to pay the money back within three months, he could be sent to prison.

The landlord illegally converted a house in Crouch End into nine tiny dwellings. Haringey Council became aware of the illegal conversion in 2012 and ordered the landlord to stop renting the flats out. The landlord appealed to the Planning Inspectorate 21 months later, but his appeal failed. Despite this, he continued to let the flats out. Read more…

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