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Landlord Launches ‘Women Only’ Property Viewings

A London landlord, UNCLE, has launched a ‘women only’ viewings option for women who are uncomfortable viewing properties for rent in the company of a male letting agent. The CEO, Ryan Prince, of UNCLE, told the press he was shocked to learn the scale of abuse by disreputable landlords.

“I couldn’t believe how many women had been inappropriately approached in some shape or form,” he said. Read more…

Are You Up to Speed on MEES?

If you are wondering what MEES stands for, you’re not alone. MEES, or Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards come into effect in two weeks’ time. Unfortunately, according to a survey conducted by a specialist landlord insurance firm, only four percent of landlords know what MEES is. The rest are blissfully ignorant.

To make matters worse, only 30 percent of landlords and tenants know the energy rating of the property and less than five percent of landlords have bothered making energy improvements to make their property more energy efficient. Read more…

Slum Landlords Could be Forced to Give Up Their Earnings

A new court ruling allowing Brent Council to use the Proceeds of Crime Act to claw back earnings from a family of rogue landlords has set an important legal precedent for future court cases. The court ruling will help councils tackle the problem of poor housing and slum landlords.

Poor Quality Housing
Until now, councils had no access to any earnings from landlords who were caught renting out poor quality housing. All they could do was fine individuals found guilty, but in most cases, fines were little more than a couple of months’ income, so hardly a deterrent. Local councils are under-resourced, and in areas with a large rental housing stock, it is easy for Read more…

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