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Landlords are you Ready for the Fees Ban? Here’s What you Need to Know…

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Unless you’ve been hiding from every incarnation of the news ever (I wouldn’t blame you). Then you’ve heard about the Tenant Fees Bill.

This proposed new law is attempting to drive down the cost of renting in the private rentals sector.

The Draft Tenant Fees Bill is good or bad depending on who’s article you read. But one thing is certain, things are about to change for landlords, letting agents and tenants…

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Why Landlords Make Deductions from Tenant’s Deposits

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Landlords are required to place a tenant’s deposit in a deposit protection scheme for the duration of a tenancy. When the tenant leaves, the deposit is handed back, but if there are any issues, a landlord can withhold some or all of the money. The Deposit Protection Scheme (DPS), a government-backed service, has revealed the reasons why deposits are withheld by landlords.

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Tenants Charged £150 to Clean and Replace One Light Bulb

A light bulb

This week we’re looking at all things landlord / tenant fees. From holding fees, deposit fees and end of tenancy fees, we’ll be covering everything you need to know about the different fees you’re able to charge your tenants, and the legislation that’s changing everything. You’ll be an expert by the end of this week!

Let’s get things moving with this incredible light bulb story.

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