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Landlord “Name and Shame” Database

Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London, has created a rogue landlord database to try and stamp out bad landlords. Now, all 33 boroughs in London have now signed up to the database, which will make it much harder for rogue landlords to slip through the net.

Tenants Can Look Up Landlords
Tenants can now check the database to see if their prospective landlord is on there. It’s hoped that naming and shaming bad landlords will deter them from continuing with their dodgy practices. Read more…

New Zealand Airbnb Decision Great News for Landlords

The rise of property letting websites like Airbnb has been both a blessing and curse for landlords. One the one hand, letting out properties via Airbnb is both easy and profitable. If you own a property in a popular tourist destination, you will make more money with short-term lets than you would looking for a long-term tenant. On the other hand, there have been numerous stories of properties being trashed by party-loving tenants. Landlords who don’t use Airbnb have also had problems with tenants who have signed a long-term lease and then illegally sub-let the property to make a profit. Read more…

Slave Landlord Found Guilty by the Courts

A landlord from Northumberland has been convicted of modern-day slavery offences after forcing his tenants to work for free. Following a trial at Newcastle Crown Court, the landlord was also convicted of supplying Diazepam to his tenants and beating them up if they failed to comply with his demands. He was found guilty of six separate offences. His co-accused was found non-guilty in relation to the drugs charges. Read more…

NLA Says Property Market Will Be Flooded as Landlords Sell Up

The National Landlords Association (NLA) has carried out research in the private rental sector, which reveals that 19% of landlords surveyed intend to sell some or all of their portfolios in the next 12 months. 45% of these landlords plan on offloading flats and 33% plan on selling terraced properties. This is good news for first-time buyers, as both flats and terraces are perfect first-time buyer properties. Only 7% of landlords looking to sell intend on selling their properties to other landlords, so first-time buyers could be in for a windfall. Read more…

Landlord Forced Tenants to Work for Free

A landlord has been taken to court, charged with eight counts of modern slavery, robbery, and drugs related offences. Six complainants came forward and the landlord was later charged.

Vulnerable Tenants
Like many other exploitative landlords, he targeted vulnerable people who had nowhere else to live. The landlord owned a property in Sunderland. Whereas many landlords refuse to take on tenants claiming benefits, he welcomed them with open arms. Unfortunately, he then exploited them, forcing them to work for free in his takeaways. Read more…

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