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George has built up a portfolio of rental properties over a number of years, focusing on traditional buy-to-let properties and refurbishment strategies in the North of England. George leverages his background in investment to focus on active and research led investment across both property and financial markets. George is a regular contributor to the Landlord Vision blog, focusing on property investment, the profession of being a landlord and writing market research material.
Newly built homes in a residential estate in England.

Should You Buy A New-build Investment Property?

The Conservative government’s scheme to encourage 95% mortgages for first time buyers and those wishing to move became active on the 19th of April. This will see the government guaranteeing loans on up to 95% of the value of properties worth up to £600,000. The aim is to provide lenders the security needed to offer such […]

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Will London Face Rent Controls?

Local and mayoral elections do not tend to capture the same degree of interest as their national counterparts. However, Sadiq Khan’s re-election as London Mayor should be of keen interest to any landlord operating properties in the capital. Khan’s flagship housing policies include seeking to introduce an ‘overhaul of legal protections for renters and for London to have the powers […]

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10 Checks You Should Perform When Buying A Buy-to-let Property

The process of purchasing a buy-to-let property is full of common pitfalls which can trip up the uninitiated and experienced investor alike. Thankfully, a healthy mix of knowledge and research can help to support the process and avoid mistakes. With this in mind, it is important to develop a process which can be used to check and […]

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UK Government Announces Updates to Eviction Rules

The UK government have announced their intention to extend Covid-19 relief for tenants. The Housing Minister, Christopher Pincher, revealed that people renting in England will continue to be supported with longer notice periods until at least October 2021. The current ‘emergency rules’ were set to expire on the 31st of May. 

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Understanding the Conveyancing Process

Conveyancing is the process of preparing and compiling legal documents for a property transaction. It is a necessary requirement for purchasing, selling and remortgaging a property. If a lender is involved in the process, which they often are, they will stipulate that a professional conveyancer or solicitor is used as part of their mortgage offer. 

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The 18-year Property Cycle and What it Means for You

It is believed that the property market, both globally and in the UK, is driven by the Property Cycle. That is, the property market conforms to a repetitive and historical sequence of events which can be categorised. The Property Cycle is not unique, it ties in with the business cycle, credit cycle and a general […]

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What You Need to Know About the Holiday Let Boom

The coronavirus pandemic has led to an unprecedented demand for holiday lets. As Europe and the rest of the world continue to battle against rising cases, many would-be holiday goers are looking closer to home for their annual get away. At the top of the list for UK staycations sit coastal towns and villages. 

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Fire Safety Bill: Leaseholders Still Liable for Cladding Costs

On Wednesday the 28th of April, the House of Lords finally passed the unamended version of the Fire Safety Bill. The Lords voted down amendments aiming to prevent building owners from passing repair costs onto leaseholders and tenants. Once the Bill receives Royal Assent, it will be passed into Law in England and Wales. 

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What are Property Cycles and Where Are we Now?

It is theorised that the property market follows a predictable cycle of behaviour over time – termed the property cycle. Historical studies suggest that global and regional property markets conform to a pattern of differing stages. These stages consist of ‘the Boom’, ‘the Slump’ and ‘the Recovery’. It is believed that the property market moves through each stage consecutively […]

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