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The Landlord Vision property management software blog

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Landlord Vision’s New Features – Even Easier Property Management!

Landlord Vision's new features - even easier property management

Over the years, many people have tried and loved Landlord Vision. But of the landlords who didn’t stay with Landlord Vision, almost all of them told us they found the software confusing, that it was difficult to get started.

We also found that shared property ownership wasn’t quite as straightforward as we’d thought. We ran into instances of four or five landlords sharing different ownership percentages of each property. The software helped with jointly owned properties with simple percentage splits, but more complicated ownership set-ups were something the software just wasn’t geared up for.

All this (and a little bit extra) has changed today with the introduction of some new features…

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Hull Council Wins Court Case Against Landlords Association

Hull council wins court case against landlords association

The Humber Landlords Association (HLA) has lost a landmark legal case against Hull Council. The association took the council to court after it introduced a new housing policy that meant landlords were handed formal improvement notices, even for relatively minor repairs. Landlords complained that mortgage lenders might withdraw funding if they were the subject of formal action, but the court found in the council’s favour, ruling that it was within its right to implement the new policy.

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Prince William Slams Slum Landlords

Prince william slams slum landlords

After an official visit to Blackpool, Prince William and his wife, Kate, are reported to have been horrified at the state of some of the town’s HMOs. The royal couple were given a tour of some of the worst slum housing in Blackpool. They saw dangerously rundown properties covered in black mould and littered with rubbish. No doubt it wasn’t what they were expecting to see on a trip to the seaside!

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