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Rental income and expense spreadsheet tracker

This income and expense spreadsheet for landlords has been created and honed by landlords over the years. It is a fast and efficient way to manage rental income and expenditure.
Rental income and expense tracker
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Why download the rental income and expense tracker?

The spreadsheet is easy to use and flawless in its execution. This income and expense tracker makes tax preparation for landlords much easier by helping you to monitor and record the income and expenditure of your property business. The free spreadsheet automatically calculates your profitability and cashflow and works out your tax liability as you go along.

The income and expense spreadsheet has been built with ease of use in mind. Simply download and open your spreadsheet and you should be able to use it straight away.

The first tab of the spreadsheet contains instructions on how to access the income and expense sections of the tracker and a guide to the different sections of the spreadsheet.

The second tab contains the tracker. Here you can enter the details of your income and expenditure. To make sure essential formulas don’t get deleted or overwritten by accident all the cells have been locked (apart from the ones you should enter details into).

This spreadsheet is the perfect way for landlords to prepare for their tax returns. The rows on the left-hand side of the spreadsheet act as a great guide to allowable expenses.

These allowable expenses can be deducted from your overall tax liability if these items have been used for business purposes.

The sections covered under expenses include finance charges, rents, rates and ground rents, insurances, maintenance and repair costs, fixtures and fittings and furniture costs, wages and service costs, travel costs and a whole host of miscellaneous costs, including space to record any we haven't suggested.

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Tax reliefs in the income and expense tracker

The income and expense spreadsheet is a simple tool for landlords with straightforward portfolios, so it is down to you to check that you are entitled to the reliefs that are listed in the spreadsheet and the checklist. Once you’ve entered all your property income and expenditure details, the dashboard at the top of the spreadsheet will show you your overall income and expenditure and will calculate the figure you may have to pay tax on. You can also use the tax band guide in the spreadsheet to see which tax band you fall into.

How to access the income and expense spreadsheet

Using the income and expense spreadsheet is easy. The spreadsheet has been created in Excel and saved in .xls format so it is compatible with many older versions of windows. This format means the spreadsheet is also easy to open in Numbers for Mac, Google Sheets, Open Office and many other spreadsheet providers. Very few people have problems opening the spreadsheet, but if you do, please contact us and we will do whatever we can to help you.

Where to get More Information on Mortgage Relief and 20% Tax Credit (Section 24)

The aim of this income and expense spreadsheet is to give landlords a simple way to track income and expenditure and to help them prepare for their tax returns. Because this is a simple spreadsheet some of the more complicated tax rules around mortgage interest relief aren’t accounted for. We have not included mortgage interest relief in any of the spreadsheet’s calculations.

From 2017 you have been able to claim a 20% tax credit on mortgage relief, this only applies in the simplest of cases, it is down to you to check you are eligible for this relief before applying it when you submit your tax return. You can learn more about section 24 in the guide on the right.

Where to get More Information on Mortgage Relief and 20% Tax Credit (Section 24)

Tips for designing your own landlord spreadsheet

Each landlord is different. While this simple spreadsheet helps most landlords when it comes to tax preparation, your needs might be slightly different and in that case, you’ll want to design your own spreadsheet. If you are creating your own landlord spreadsheet take a look at the article on the right.

Tips for designing your own landlord spreadsheet

The limitations of the landlord income and expense spreadsheet

This income and expense spreadsheet is a great and simple tool to help landlords prepare for their tax return. For those who have one to three properties this spreadsheet should help you in a straightforward way.

If you have a large portfolio you may find it difficult to do all the admin needed to aggregate your costs into this spreadsheet. There are also more complicated tax considerations as your portfolio grows. If you’ve purchased or sold properties in the last tax year, you’ll find it difficult to account for this in the spreadsheet.

For a more comprehensive way of managing your income and expenditure and preparing your tax return try Landlord Vision. The software can handle an unlimited number of properties and tenancies and, will help you fill in your tax return in less than 5 minutes. Find out how landlord Vision can help make managing every aspect of your portfolio easy.

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