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Helen has a background working in digital marketing but has been enjoying the rewards and challenges of going it alone as a freelance content writer for the past six years. During this time, she has written content on a vast range of subjects, including property investment and the UK property rental market. Helen enjoys creating thoroughly researched articles containing key information and practical advice for the Landlord Vision blog.

How is technology changing property management?

Love it or hate it, technology has revolutionised the way that most businesses operate – including those in the property management sector.

By 7 min read

Protect Your Rental Property: Essential Security Tips for Landlords

As a landlord, it’s essential to prioritise security. During the year ending September 2023, there were over 180,000 residential burglaries in England and Wales – that’s roughly 493 burglaries every day.

By 6 min read

How does commercial property leasing differ from residential leasing?

Most landlords opt for residential properties when they’re new to property investment. Residential property has always been a more popular investment, and it’s easy to understand why. Generally, residential properties require a lower deposit and are less complicated and lower-risk investments. However, more experienced landlords often expand into the commercial market over time, lured by […]

By 7 min read

Landlords’ Responsibilities Regarding Energy Efficiency in 2024

Over recent years, the government has shifted the goal posts several times regarding energy efficiency requirements for private rented accommodation. If you manage a rental property and feel confused about your responsibilities in 2024 and beyond, you’re not alone.

By 7 min read

Identifying and handling tenants involved with illegal drugs

Discovering that your rental property has been turned into a Breaking Bad-style drug lab ranks pretty high on every landlord’s list of worst-case scenarios.

By 10 min read

Tips for creating an eco-friendly rental property

Discover tips and advice for making your rental property more eco-friendly to boost its value, attract more tenants, and help fight climate change.

By 8 min read

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The landlord’s guide to working with letting agents

Do you need a letting agent to help manage your rental property? Learn what letting agents do and how to choose the right one to partner with.

By 8 min read

Pros and cons of offering all-inclusive rent

Offering tenants the option to choose all-inclusive rent may create a little more admin for you, but it could significantly boost your rental property’s appeal.

By 6 min read

How to conduct successful tenant viewings

Showing potential tenants around your rental property may feel like a tedious job at times, but it’s a crucial part of your role as a landlord.

By 7 min read

Unlock the top 10 secrets of successful landlords

Ready to learn how to elevate your rental business? You don’t need a killer CV or years of experience to manage a rental property. Essentially, anyone who meets the criteria to register as a landlord and secure the appropriate financing can take on the job.

By 7 min read

Pro tips for handling tenant complaints

How you handle tenant complaints says a lot about you as a landlord. Even if you have a fantastic relationship with your tenant most of the time, it’s how you respond during the more challenging moments that will stick in their minds.

By 7 min read

Decorating rental properties: What are the landlord’s responsibilities?

Interior appeal: a key factor in tenant experience and property value Many landlords underestimate the importance of maintaining their rental property’s interior décor. While you’re probably well aware that investing in your property’s aesthetics can make it more appealing to prospective tenants and improve tenant experience, have you also considered how maintaining your property’s decor […]

By 6 min read

How to screen for reliable tenants

The tenants living in your property can significantly shape your experience as a landlord. Landlords prioritising meticulous tenant screening often spend less time and resources managing their rental property.

By 7 min read

Maximising profits on rental properties

Amidst soaring interest rates, many landlords now pay 40% more mortgage interest than last year. This, combined with escalating costs and the ongoing cost of living crisis, makes it more important than ever that landlords are savvy about maximising their profits.

By 5 min read

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