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Tax deductible expenses checklist

This free allowable rental expenses checklist has been created for UK landlords using current government guidance. You can use it to help you understand which of your property expenses are tax deductible.
An image of the tax deductible revenue expenses checklist
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Why download the tax deductible expenses checklist?

Many landlords wonder which of their operating expenses are tax deductible, so we created this checklist to answer that question. Download the checklist to familiarise yourself with tax deductions or use it to see if there are any deductions you're not claiming that you should be! Either way it should help you to save some money!

The tax deductible expenses checklist has been specifically created for landlords and property investors who are individual tax payers. If you operate as a limited company and you pay corporation tax the rules around deductions and the allowable expenses may be slightly different. If you're a landlord or a property investor operating as a sole trader you'll get the most benefit out of this checklist.

The landlord checklist contains a list of tax deductible expenses and expense categories, these are split into sections to make them easier to digest and help you identify niche expenses that may not be covered in the list. The checklist contains:

  1. Lists of tax deductible expenses split into sections.
  2. A guide to expenses that aren't tax deductible.
  3. A few tax tips to help you maximise your deductions.
  4. Frequently asked questions about tax deductions including the difference between capital and revenue expenses, the difference between repair and betterment and a guide to claiming for replacement furniture and furnishings.

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