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Landlord Insider

On the Landlord Insider blog, you’ll find some excellent resources for landlords of all sizes. From the latest landlord news, to professional advice, tips and guides for landlords, there’s something for everyone. Brought to you by the excellent team behind the Landlord Vision property management software.

Mary Latham

Mary has been a self-managing landlord since 1972 and until July 2018 she was the West Midlands Regional Representative for the NLA. Over the years Mary has been consulted by government, local authorities and other groups within the housing industry and is well known for her in-depth knowledge of legislation and regulation. She continues to run regular landlord accreditation seminars on behalf of local authorities. Mary regularly contributes to the Landlord Vision newsletter and blog providing our readers with valuable, down to earth and realistic insights into the key issues that keep landlords awake at night.

From Fines to Custodial Sentences – When Landlords & Agents Break the Law 

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Still no sign of new legislation being introduced and the Government announced last month that the much anticipated Rental Reform White Paper will now not be published until 2022. It had been suggested that it would be published this autumn and I was expecting to write about it today but I’m not complaining; when it is published, I expect that there will be more than just the loss of Section 21 to concern us, but we will see. 

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Reply to Shelter from a Good Landlord of Almost 50 Years

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It has recently been reported that Shelter has launched a new campaign focussing on landlords and Letting Agents. This isn’t new; Shelter relies on charitable donations and government funding to pay for their activities, so they like to ensure they are in the public eye.  It is fundamental to their business plan to highlight to the public that some landlords and Letting Agents are operating illegally, and that Shelter is there on behalf of tenants to change rogue letting practices.  

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Why Do Tenants Need More Protection?

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Back in the 70’s, when I first became a landlord, I didn’t tell anyone. There wasn’t the publicity that there is now and of course no social media, but it was generally  assumed that landlords were not “nice people”. In those days there was no Section 8 or Section 21, and legally removing a delinquent tenant was almost impossible. This led to some landlords using other methods to force a tenant to move out. This is why The Protection from Eviction Act 1977 came about. The Act made several common actions unlawful:  

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The Misconception of Property as a Passive Investment

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It surprises me that, despite all the media stories, discussions on Facebook Property groups, blogs like this one and discussion fora, people still see becoming a landlord as “a bit on the side”. They come into the business with little or no knowledge of the legislation and regulation which surrounds the industry. They often consequently have no knowledge of the dangers and how to deal with them. And as well as this they tend to have very unrealistic expectations that running a property portfolio and having a full time job or full time business will be easy to manage. Even worse, retirees sometimes mistakenly think they will be unbothered by their portfolio whilst they enjoy their retirement.

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