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Preparing a Vacant Investment Property for New Tenants

It is vital for landlords to make their rental properties appealing to prospective tenants before showing and leasing.

By 4 min read

Christmas Safety Tips for Landlords and Tenants

’Tis the season of joy, festivities, and twinkling lights. As we approach the most wonderful time of the year, landlords and tenants must remember the importance of ensuring their rental property is both safe and merry.

By 6 min read

When is the Right Time to Increase Rent?

Rising interest rates and steep mortgage repayments have made 2023 a challenging year for landlords, and many have increased rent prices to help optimise their property’s return on investment. If you’re also considering raising rent to remain competitive in the local market, it’s important to remember that many tenants are also navigating a difficult rental […]

By 6 min read

Choosing the Right Boiler for a Rental Property

The boiler in your rental property provides hot water, keeps your property warm, and your tenants happy and cosy.

By 5 min read

Empowering Landlords: How Accounting Skills Can Boost Your Property Game

Running rental properties in the UK isn’t easy money. In fact, running rental properties in the majority of places across the world is no small feat, particularly with the way the market has been positioned for the past few years.

By 6 min read

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Renters Reform Bill – Where Are We Now?

No one was more surprised than me when the announcement came to say that the Renters Reform Bill would get its second reading on Monday 23rd October.  Between the party conferences and the recess periods, it was very unlikely that it would be added to the list for debate before the new year and yet […]

By 9 min read

The Landlord’s Guide to Amending and Renewing Tenancy Agreements

A comprehensive tenancy agreement tailored to your circumstances can be key to achieving a successful and harmonious landlord/tenant relationship.

By 6 min read

The Abolition of Section 21 Notices Delayed Indefinitely

As the nights become more gloomy and house prices begin to frost, the government have provided some much needed warmth to the hearts British of landlords. The government recently acknowledged the need to reform the court system prior to abolishing Section 21 eviction notices. In effect, delaying the abolition of ‘no-fault’ evictions indefinitely.

By 5 min read

The Future of Rental Property Heating: New Boiler Prices and Sustainable Alternatives for UK Landlords

One of the main considerations for landlords when it comes to their property is central heating. Making sure that tenants can enjoy a warm home and an optimal water supply is a crucial step to renting out your property. 

By 4 min read

How to Prepare for Doing Your Self Assessment Tax Return

It’s an all too familiar scene for many sole traders, landlords and other Self Assessment taxpayers. Despite leaving it until a week or two before the online-filing deadline on 31 January, you’re not too worried about completing your Self Assessment tax return. What could possibly go wrong?

By 6 min read

Tips For Getting Started With New Landlord Vision

As you may have seen, we now have a new Landlord Vision product.  The next few tips go over some of the basic functionality to help you get started, whether you have just signed up, or if you are holding off for a later date.  The new product is a complete revamp and includes some […]

By 3 min read

Why Should UK Landlords Consider Heat Pumps?

As a homeowner, it can be tough managing through the cost of living crisis. With prices on the rise, keeping your home warm while balancing the books can be a tightrope walk.

By 5 min read

Who Pays the Council Tax on Rental Properties?

As a landlord, it’s part of your job to understand the ins and outs of who is responsible for paying the council tax on your rental properties. Understanding how it all works can save you from headaches, financial penalties, and even legal action down the line.

By 6 min read

Rental Property Maintenance: Tenant Responsibilities

In rental properties, the landlord and the tenant share a mutual responsibility for maintaining the property’s condition to ensure it is a safe and comfortable place to live.

By 7 min read

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