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Landlord Guides

These landlord guides are easy to read and impart key landlord tips to help with: finding new tenants, choosing an insurance policy, managing your property business, choosing the right software, avoiding mistakes and property voids, serving notice on tenants and tips on being a successful landlord.

Finding Good Tenants

In this guide we cover everything from a robust screening strategy right through to advertising your property and keeping your tenants happy once they've moved in.

A Winter Guide for Landlords

In this guide we cover all the things landlords should do to prepare their properties for winter. The guide covers the checks you need to make in detail, how to prevent damp and mildew and explores what happens if you don’t take winter checks seriously.

Free Guide to Landlord Insurance

In this free guide the different types of landlord insurance coverage are explained. You’ll also learn how much you need to insure, how much landlord insurance costs, how to compare different landlord insurance policies, how to understand your policy documents and a glossary of key insurance terms for future reference.

How to Make Tenants Pay Rent on Time

This guide explores the different tactics and strategies that landlords can use to get their tenants to pay rent on time. If your tenant isn’t paying their rent on time this guide will help you work through changing that.

A Property Inspection Checklist for Landlords

In this free guide you will understand what property inspections you must carry out as a landlord. You’ll also learn about tenancy breaches and health and hygiene in your rental property.

Free Guide to being a DIY Landlord

In this free guide you will understand what it takes to become a DIY landlord. You’ll also learn what skills you need, whether you have the right personal traits to be a successful landlord and the pros and cons of letting agents.

How to choose the right landlord software

11 Essential questions to ask before buying landlord software.
Read this 5-minute guide to help you make an informed decision before you buy landlord software.

How to better manage your property business

10 Essential tips to help you manage a successful property business. Read this 5-Minute Guide for top tips on how to increase the profitability of a property investment business by 'working smart and being a better landlord’.

Tips for landlord success in 2019

With rental properties in high demand, now is not the time to sit on your laurels. Follow these 10 tips to ensure success in 2019.

Common landlord mistakes to avoid

Running a successful property portfolio is not easy and this 5-Minute Guide highlights the pitfalls of being a landlord.

How to avoid property voids as a landlord

Void periods can seriously affect your cashflow. Use the tips in this 5-Minute Guide to avoid empty properties and protect your profits.

A Quick Guide to Serving Notice on Tenants

As a landlord, there will probably come a time when you need to serve your tenant some form of notice. This 5-Minute Guide outlines the most common reasons for issuing a notice and how to go about it correctly.

How to be a more successful landlord

Effective organisation is the key to running a successful property portfolio. Property management software solutions help landlords be more efficient, more productive, and offer a better service to their tenants. Manage your property portfolio with landlord software and slash accountancy / legal fees at the same time.
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