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Number of tenancies
The average number of tenancies that you manage
Average time per month (hours)
The time that it takes you to manage your property portfolio
Expected improvement in efficiency (%)
The expected time saving per month as a percentage
Hourly rate (£/hour)
Value of your time or the person managing your property portfolio per hour
Hours saved per month
The time saved by using Landlord Vision
Monthly saving (£)
Value of the saved time
Monthly cost of Landlord Vision subscription (£)
The monthly cost of the Landlord Vision subscription based on the number of tenancies
Net monthly saving (£)
The monthly saving net of the cost of the Landlord Vision subscription
Return on your Landlord Vision subscription investment

How Landlord Vision has helped our users

  • Up to 80% time reduction in managing portfolio
  • 56% have reduced time by at least 30%
  • 38% have reduced time by at least 50%
  • 31% average time saving
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