Guide for HMO Landlords
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A Step by Step Guide to Success for HMO Landlords

This free landlord guide will help you to learn the tried and tested ways to make your HMO rental property a success. Written by expert HMO landlord of 50 years, Mary Latham.
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If you're thinking of becoming an HMO landlord or you'd like to make sure you're up to date with your HMO property management, this is the guide for you. The free guide has been written by experienced self-managing landlord Mary Latham, who has been in the property business since 1972.

Why download the HMO landlord guide to success?

Now, we know what you're thinking. "Oh, great, another boring PDF with a bunch of technical jargon." But wait! This guide gets straight to the point, so you won't need a degree in law to understand it. Mary has shared not only the facts, but also her experiences that give you the insider knowledge you need to make your HMO portfolio profitable. 

The free 50 page guide covers all aspects of being an HMO landlord and how to be successful whilst doing so, including but not limited to:

  1. Things to be aware of before you buy
  2. Types of HMO
  3. How to buy the right investment property
  4. Regulations and restrictions
  5. Preparing your property for HMO tenants
  6. How to find suitable tenants
  7. How to manage your HMO portfolio
  8. Managing and ending tenancies
  9. Is it worth all the red tape?

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