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Nightmare Tenants Strike Again!

Run down house with blog title: Nightmare Tenants Strike Again.

In another eye-opening episode of the popular Channel 5 program, Nightmare Tenants, Slum Landlords, viewers were treated to the sight of an irate tenant threatening to blow up himself, the bailiffs, and anyone else in the vicinity after a landlord tried to evict him.

Police Called to Evict Aggressive Tenant

The tenant had not paid the rent for 14 months and the landlord was desperate to evict him. When the bailiffs arrive to kick the tenant out, he barricades himself in the property and refuses to budge. The bailiffs are forced to start dismantling the front door to gain access and before long, the tenant is throwing all manner of objects down the stairs, including a washing machine. In the face of increasing aggression, the police are called to try and bring an end to the standoff.

Not surprisingly, the landlord is thoroughly fed up with the situation.

“Not getting the rent for over a year has made a big dent in my income,” he tells the presenter, adding that he’s now £5,000 in debt. He says it isn’t the first time he has tried to evict the tenant; the previous attempt ended in failure with the tenant threatening the landlord’s life.

When the police finally gain access, they find a host of weapons, including machetes, a hatchet, and a replica firearm. The tenant is led away in handcuffs and the landlord is left to survey the mess and damage to his property – and breathe a sigh of relief at the thought of finally putting the episode behind him.

Letting Agent Stumbles into Cannabis Farm

The other main story from this episode is the tale of a letting agent who discovers his tenant has turned the property into a drugs den. The agent gains access to the property after the tenant fails to pay the rent. To his shock, he finds the spare room has been converted into a cannabis farm, with soil all over the floor and dozens of plants. There is also evidence of hard drug use in the property, including syringes and foil.

“I’ve never caught [tenants] red-handed like this in all the years I’ve been doing it,” the letting agent tells the presenter.  He immediately calls the police to report his findings before passing on the sorry news to the landlord.

The landlord is shocked when he turns up at the property.  “I wonder how many crops they’ve had; they might have been doing it for as long as he’s been here,” he muses.

Meanwhile, the elusive tenant is nowhere to be found, despite a warrant issued for his arrest. Eventually, he turns up and is run to ground by the letting agent, who informs the tenant he’s responsible for the unpaid rent, even though he claims it was the person subletting who failed to pay the rent and got involved with drugs. Yes, that old chestnut…

Eventually, the landlord and the druggie tenant broker an agreement whereby the tenant agrees to leave.

Rogue Letting Agent and Idiot Landlord

The two other stories involve a rogue letting agent trying to scam a landlord and a landlord who has no clue whatsoever.

You can catch Nightmare Tenants Slum Landlords on Mondays at 9 PM. Happy viewing!

Are you a regular viewer of the show? Tell us about your favourite episode! We’d love to hear from you!

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