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Why is There a Shortage of Rental Properties in the UK

Why is There a Shortage of Rental Properties in the UK?

The UK rental property market is facing an unprecedented crisis.

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Landlords Have Refrained From Increasing Rents In Line With Mortgage Rates 

Rates, rates, and more rates. So much of our daily lives and economic well-being is underpinned by interest rates and their direction of travel. Interest rates directly influence the cost of borrowing, including the cost of mortgages. As interest rates and corresponding mortgage rates have risen over the past 6-12 months many landlords and property […]

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How to Find the Best Yielding (Non HMO or Student) Properties 

As a landlord, one of your primary goals is to maximise the return on your investment. Traditionally, HMOs (Houses in Multiple Occupation) and student lets would be the go to option given the higher potential to generate rental income. However, there are also several reasons why many landlords steer clear of HMOs and student lets, […]

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Image for article titled Six 202324 Tax Year Changes You Should Know if You’re a UK Landlord

Six 2023/24 Tax Year Changes You Should Know if You’re a UK Landlord

April 6, and that can mean only one thing – the start of the new UK tax year. It’s when most changes to UK tax rules come into force, which can be good or bad news for you and your rental income. It can also be the perfect time to make tax less of a […]

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AI Chatbots: What They Mean for the Property Industry

AI Chatbots: What They Mean for the Property Industry

It wasn’t so long ago that the concept of an AI chatbot sounded like something belonging solely to science fiction. But with the unprecedented rise of ChatGPT, interest in AI chatbots has skyrocketed, and their use has become commonplace across various industries. But perhaps one of the last things that you might imagine would be […]

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Gove Hits out at Unscrupulous Landlords and Hints That Fairer Tax Rules are on the Horizon

It has been a busy couple of weeks of headlines for Michael Gove. The governments’ Secretary of State for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities has made a number of statements, both within the Commons and on TV interviews. Speaking to Laura Kuenssberg, Gove reiterated his intention to stop ‘unscrupulous landlords’ who are taking advantage of […]

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House Prices are Continuing to Wobble

The UK’s housing market is beginning to wobble, with worrying ramifications for property investors and landlords alike. The Nationwide House Price Index (HPI) indicates that house prices have continued to tumble in 2023, building on last year’s downward trend. Prices continued to fall into January, marking the fifth consecutive month of decreases, with prices now […]

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A Landlord’s Introduction To Pest Control 

Sometimes it can be the smallest critters which create the biggest problems for landlords. Pest infestations are unpleasant for tenants to live with and can be costly to rectify. Naturally, this begs the question of who is ultimately responsible for managing and rectifying pest problems in tenanted properties. Does the responsibility lie solely with the […]

By 7 min read

2023 Market Outlook for Student Lets

As we head into 2023, let’s take a look at the crucial months for student landlords, what they need to be aware of, and what the market outlook is amidst this mix of surging demand and economic uncertainty.

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What Will Happen to House Prices in 2023?

January is a time for the future, an opportunity to look ahead to what might be and to make right the gluttony of Christmas. For those of us with a substantial stake in the property market, it is also an opportunity to ponder what the next 12 months may hold for landlords and the UK’s […]

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Landlords are Selling up as Interest Rates Pinch

The private rental sector is beginning to buckle, as an increasing number of landlords are opting to sell up and leave the sector. Sky News reported that the number of landlords selling their properties has risen by 13% over the past four months, driven out by increasing costs and punitive legislation. Whilst landlords leaving the […]

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What Does the Autumn Statement Mean for Landlords? 

As the skies darken and the cold winter months begin to take hold, the outlook for landlords looks set to get ever bleaker. On the 17th of November, the government announced its Autumn Statement, with the new Chancellor of the Exchequer – Jeremy Hunt – opting to take a decidedly different path to his predecessor’s […]

By 5 min read

Are We Stuck in a Housing Zugzwang and How to Make the Right Move? 

It’s a volatile time for the housing market and the country in general. No sooner than people have digested the mini-budget, all the key policies are repealed. Expected interest rates, with their corresponding 2-year mortgage rates, bounced as high as 6%, before falling back down over the past month. Every week brings a new ‘leaked’ […]

By 8 min read

Technology’s Growing Influence on Buy-to-let Landlords

Large businesses and organisations have been able to streamline their operations by implementing technology into their workflows and structure for many years. Once seen as a huge investment to overhaul archaic systems, most modern businesses now begin life as tech-savvy enterprises. Whether that’s using software to manage their workflows and finances or to maintain contact […]

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