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New features in Landlord Vision – June 2024 Update

By 3 min read • June 25, 2024

You may or may not have seen it, but we had a big update on the 10th June 2024.  All of them are legacy features so if you are a user of the older software, you will probably be familiar with these.  Here is a quick overview of all of the features that went live that day.

Welcome Pack

Send your tenants a brief summary of the property information and the tenancy details with our quick summary.  Use the ‘Share With Tenants’ option within the Property sections to output a list of useful items that the tenant may need to know, everything from where the water stop is to what the rent payments are.  Find it in the Legal Documents section within the tenancy.

Cash Flow report

Keep a track of your ins and outs and get a projection of your position a few months from now with our cash flow report. It shows all the movements of money for a given portfolio and what the opening and closing balances were at the start and end of each month.  This report is useful for future planning, and also making sure everything is correct.  Anything still unpaid shows up as transactions for the current month you can see where you will be once everything is cleared.  Find it under Reports > All Reports > Accounting Reports.

Target Rents report

See how your portfolio is doing with our new Target Rents report.  See at a glance which of your properties are performing as they should and which are dropping behind expectations.  Find it under Reports > All Reports > Property Reports.

Task Reminders

Now you can get task reminders emailed to you when you need them.  Have them get sent out either on the day, or a number of minutes, hours, days or weeks in advance so you’re always on the ball.  Head to Events > Tasks and add a new task to see the options.


Got a task? Got someone else to do it?  Convert your task into a worksheet for them to see exactly what they need to do.  The work sheet contains address and contact information as well as space for you to add details about what needs to be done.  Once you have saved a Task in Events > Tasks, press the three dots to download or email the worksheets.

Reconciliation filters

Possibly the most exciting new release in this update is the ability to filter the Reconcile page.  We launched this on the legacy solution earlier this year and now we’ve added it to the new one.  Filter options include sorting by newest or oldest first, view only incomes or expenses or search for all transactions containing a certain word or for a particular amount.  Not only that but you can choose a time period to display, so if you want to come back to those earlier transactions later on and just do this month, you can.  Find these at the top of the Reconcile page in any bank account in Banking > Accounts.

Aged Payables and Aged Receivables update

These two reports have had an extra section added at the end to allow for any journals or opening balances that you might have in either Accounts Payable or Accounts Receivable.  Previously, if you had these set up, your Aged report would not match with the Trial Balance report so we have implemented this change to fix it.  This change affects both legacy and current.

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