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Two-Fifths of Property Purchases Fail Due to Mortgage Delays

A recent survey of homebuyers found that nearly two-fifths had seen their property purchases fall through due to mortgage delays. Butterfield Mortgages Limited commissioned an independent survey of 690 homebuyers, with 38% having experienced mortgage delays that resulted in their purchase falling through. The survey highlighted that over half (51%) of respondents believe that the […]

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Selling Tenanted Properties and Sponsoring Ukrainians – Things Landlords Should Know

There are a couple of issues that are cropping up at the moment:   The landlord has decided to sell the property but there is a tenant in place.  The government is making an offer for us to offer a home to people coming from Ukraine. 

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Rates Rise Again: What Does This Mean for Property Investors

The Bank of England has voted to raise interest rates for the third time in four months. The Monetary Policy Committee voted almost unanimously to increase the bank rate from 0.50% to 0.75% on the 17th of March. The decision means that interest rates will return to their pre-pandemic levels, the highest level since 2009.

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Landlord Updates: Energy Cap, Right to Rent, RRO, Japanese Knotweed and More

The government has revealed major plans to “level up” England dealing with issues like unemployment and local economies with the aim to close the North-South divide. In a White Paper, published in February, they laid out their plans to achieve this.  There is mention of a Landlords Register and the loss of Section 21 but […]

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The Renting Homes (Wales) Act – What it Means for Welsh Landlords

Welsh landlords are set to face one of the biggest changes in Welsh housing law in decades. The long-awaited Renting Homes (Wales) Act 2016 will be implemented on the 15th of July 2022. The legislation will make changes to a broad array of areas, ranging from the introduction of standard occupation contracts, through to extended […]

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Landlords Have a Difficult Year Ahead – Time to Take Notice

I share a lot of information through my social media accounts and often have some interesting online discussions as a result.  The amount of people who actually read the posts, click on the links or comment will depend on the subject of course, how busy people are offline and even the time of day.

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Are UK Landlords Paying More Property Tax Than Their International Neighbours?

For many, a discussion on the intricacies and variations of UK tax policy might be compared to a form of long-lasting monotonous punishment. However, a recent London School of Economics (LSE) report commissioned by the National Residential Landlords Association (NRLA) draws some very interesting conclusions. The report compares the UK’s current tax regime with those found in comparable nations, such as France and […]

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Leaseholders Left in Limbo as RICS Double-down On EWS1 Forms

Landlords and leaseholders find themselves stuck in a frustrating limbo, as the government and trade organisations lock horns over the requirement for leaseholders to provide an up-to-date EWS1 form when a property is valued.  

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Do I Need an EPC for My HMO? And Other Energy Efficiency Questions

Do I need an EPC for my HMO? THAT HAS BECOME A VERY IMPORTANT QUESTION. The colder it becomes the more I think about the need to get rented properties up to a C. I always begin planning when new regulations are mentioned and 2025 will soon come around. In the meantime, investigating the options […]

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Damp Proof Course: What is it and & Different Types of DPC’s

Water damage may happen when you least expect it. With this, it is essential to be prepared for the scenario and the potential damage it may inflict on your property. Having a damp proof course or DPC is the best way to protect your property.

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The Landlord Vision Landlord Survey 2021

Throughout 2021, Landlord Vision has continued to cement its place as the UK’s foremost property management software for landlords. With a burgeoning user base and over 38,000 tenancies managed in the software up and down the country, we are well placed to understand and serve the UK’s private rental market. With this in mind, we have compiled the results from […]

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Criminal Landlords Are A Blight To Investors and Tenants Alike

Landlords throughout the British Isles face a consistent and incessant public relations battle. Ever the easy target for print media and disgruntled agitators, our industry faces a seemingly never-ending headwind of new regulations. Unfortunately, much of this is driven by negative public caricatures and a misunderstanding of the services landlords provide. However, our industry is also […]

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From Fines to Custodial Sentences – When Landlords & Agents Break the Law 

Still no sign of new legislation being introduced and the Government announced last month that the much anticipated Rental Reform White Paper will now not be published until 2022. It had been suggested that it would be published this autumn and I was expecting to write about it today but I’m not complaining; when it is published, I expect that there will be more than just the […]

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The Best Regions in the UK For Internet Speeds

Traditionally, if you were to discuss the infrastructure which connects a property to the outside world, you would think of roads, bus routes, rail links and so forth. Yet, with the not-so-recent advent of the digital world, internet connectivity is the primary piece of infrastructure connecting a property to those around it and much further […]

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