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Landlord Insider
On the Landlord Insider blog, you’ll find some excellent resources for landlords of all sizes. From the latest landlord news, to professional advice, tips and guides for landlords, there’s something for everyone. Brought to you by the excellent team behind the Landlord Vision property management software.

The Best Bank Accounts for Landlords

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Whether it is in business or in life, the ability to manage one’s finances is a key requirement on the path to financial success. Landlords can appreciate this fact more than most. Regular mortgage payments and numerous expected and unexpected costs necessitate that landlords be on top of their cashflow. As such, it is important to ensure that you are using the right products and services to manage your finances. This entails everything from picking the right accountant, through to accessing the best software and bank account. 

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How to Understand and Manage Void Periods

Shot of empty boxes on the floor of an empty room during a house move. The boxes have been lit with a spot so the rest of the rooom goes dark and the designer can use light type over darker areas if needed. The halo is natural and has not been achieved by the use of post production adjustments.

As all landlords will know, tenants do not stay in buy-to-let properties for ever. After a period of time most tenants will begin to consider upsizing, downsizing, buying their own property or moving for work. It is part of the natural life cycle of being a tenant or a landlord. When tenants do vacate a property, this often causes void periods – the period of time between the old tenant moving out and the new tenant moving in. 

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What You Need to Know About Tax Investigations

business documents accounting with calculator, pen and magnifying glass. concept for financial

HMRC have the power to “enquire” into any tax return from a company, a partnership, or an individual. They do not have to give a reason for the enquiry.  

Anyone in the property business may face an Enquiry – a certain number of random Enquiries are opened every year.  

Enquiries come in different forms:  

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The Key Dates for Landlords In 2021

The residential lettings market in the UK is a myriad of constantly changing rules and regulations. Staying on top of these changes can be a time-consuming affair for landlords. Thankfully, with the help of Sheards Chartered Accountants, we have put together a list of all the key changes you should be aware of so far in 2021. What is more, we have highlighted how you can use both your accountant and Landlord Vision to best adapt to these changes. 

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