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Managing Property Maintenance in Landlord Vision

Landlord Vision software icons and the blog title: managing property maintenance in landlord vision.

Since the Homes Fitness for Human Habitation Act has come into force property maintenance is more important than ever.

If the property you’re renting out is poorly maintained and you don’t make efforts to fix it your tenants can now take you to court.

So, in this article we’re introducing you to or refreshing your memory on some key features in Landlord Vision that make managing tradespeople and property maintenance a breeze.

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Why Being a Landlord is Good for Your Health

Hand holding apple with caption: Why being a landlord is good for your health.

If you read property news regularly you may have noticed a surge in stories about landlords leaving the sector in biblical proportions.

Each new piece of legislation that’s passed, every tax relief that’s reduced and an increase in fines and licences makes for a hostile and sometimes unstable environment for landlords to operate in and landlords often vote with their feet.

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Working with Others in Landlord Vision

Working with others in Landlord Vision

When you’re managing your properties, you may find yourself working with a few different people.

At first, it’s just tenants, maybe bank staff and the occasional contractor. As you grow it might involve property managers, accountants and others.

We know that collaboration is the key to being a good landlord, so Landlord Vision helps you work with as many people as you need to, without charging you extra for the privilege. As Steve Jobs said:

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