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Make Your Rental Property Even More Profitable with these 9 Perfect Features

In 2022, people are more focused on at-home living than they were pre-pandemic. The surge of remote workers combined with general social anxiety has meant that people are much more interested in properties that can meet their comfortable homebody needs.  

In a time of economic strain, attracting tenants for rental properties can come with some challenges. But there are plenty of ways to modify your property in a way that gets tenants excited to move in.  

These features are added to the list for their practicality, luxury, or popularity with the average UK family. From location to solar panels, these features will make your rental property far more desirable and more likely to result in a signed contract.  

Home Office Space  

It’s no secret that remote working has become a major part of global work culture. Even though the hard lockdowns of 2020 and 2021 have subsided, millions of people have continued to work from home for personal and professional reasons.  

Creating a space in your property that suits a work-from-home lifestyle will make it much more attractive to the average tenant. Whether you convert a small space into a working area with a built-in desk or create a working “cubby hole” you’ll add extra appeal to your rental property. 

Energy-efficient Appliances 

The majority of the people looking to rent property in 2022 belong to the Millennial age category, and Millennials are known for their sustainability-minded stance on life.  

Installing energy-efficient appliances such as solar panels, low-consumption dishwashers, and sustainable lighting will instantly improve the outlook of your property.  

Not only that, but it will also reduce your carbon footprint, and any adjustments you make can save you money in the long run. Energy-efficient adjustments are beneficial for both you and your future tenants —it’s one of those win-win situations! 

Fitted Appliances  

A property that comes with its own fitted appliances is a big score in most people’s books. Especially as inflation rises and people are pinching their pennies, not having to purchase your own appliances is a great feature for any property.  

Appliances like washing machines, dishwashers, ovens and fridges are pricey once-off payments to make, but the value they add to the property will pay them off cleanly over time. Plus, they can serve as a massive attraction for younger tenants who don’t already have their own appliances.  

Open-plan Areas 

Wide, open spaces are hugely popular in today’s property market. In 2022, people are spending more time at home than they did in previous years, which can create a stuffy indoor environment when the right adaptations aren’t made.  

If you want to attract today’s tenants, consider opening up the space between your lounge and kitchen. This will create a more free-flowing atmosphere that tenants can comfortably stretch out in. Open spaces also provide more flexibility in terms of indoor décor and furniture placement, which most tenants love.  

Natural Lighting 

As society continues to be confronted with the harsh realities of climate change, people are clinging to as much exposure to nature as they can get. Even something as simple as bigger windows or a skylight that lets in more natural light can help people feel more relaxed and connected to the outdoors.  

Natural light also means better photos (for your own advertisements and for future tenant leisure) and a generally lighter, airier feel to the property. Plus, the more light you let in, the greater the warming effects of natural sunlight and the less money spent on heating.  Who doesn’t love natural lighting?  

Increased Storage Space 

There’s something so appealing about an abundance of storage space. The knowledge that you’ll never have to cram a decade’s worth of belongings into a stuffy old cupboard feels liberating, and that’s exactly what you want your potential tenants to feel when they walk into your property.  

Increased storage space means less clutter, more convenience, and a generally higher quality of life. You can increase storage space in your property by adding floating shelves, clever cupboard units, or even an outdoor storage shed if it’s applicable to your property.  

Ample Outdoor Space 

While we’re on the topic of outdoor storage, let’s talk about garden space. Expanding your property to allow for a more spacious outdoor area will instantly amplify its desirability and make it far more attractive to families and couples looking to settle down.  

Outdoor space means an increased capacity for entertainment, leisure, and growing your own plants. But it doesn’t even have to be a lush garden, even a simple but stylish concrete patio adds a welcome charm and freshness to any home environment.  

Upgraded Security Systems  

Let’s face it, safety is of paramount concern these days. Upgrading the security system on your property gives tenants peace of mind and can increase the overall value of your property. A reliable security system can also work in your favour if you take out landlord insurance or any other policy to cover your property and its contents.  

Security cameras, smart panic buttons, and a high-functioning alarm system are highly valuable assets in any home, and they protect the value of all the other assets inside. Your property can look great, but if tenants don’t feel secure, they’ll be more inclined to look elsewhere.  

Pet-friendly Living 

It’s really hard to find properties that are pet-friendly these days, which is all the more reason to make yours as open to animals as possible.  

Pet owners tend to struggle to find rentals that are tolerant of even the most domesticated of animals, so advertising your property as pet-friendly can only drive more tenants in your direction. Adding a cat-flap, replacing lounge carpets with laminate or vinyl—these are small changes that make a big, positive impact.  

A Rental That Gets the Right Attention  

These days, Millennials are really any property owner’s target market. They like working from home, natural light, pet-friendly options, and environmentally-conscious appliances.  

Incorporating these themes and assets into your rental property will make it much easier to lease out and more likely to result in a mutually satisfactory arrangement.  

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