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A Year of New Features – Landlord Vision’s 2018 Updates

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At Landlord Vision we care about the things our customers want to see in the software. We use User Echo to give our customers a place to share their software suggestions and vote on the new features they’d like us to work on.

Last year we had 292 new feature or update suggestions and we received 394 votes across all those topics. We worked hard on the updates you voted for most and we made some pretty game changing updates to the software as a result.

If you missed all the excitement you can learn all about last year’s new features and enhancements in this post. If you keep your eyes peeled, you might also find out what we’re working on next!

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In January we made lots of improvements to the finance manager module to make payment management easier.

These updates allow customers to:

  • Add quarterly payments
  • change to the account used to pay the mortgage
  • Change the account loans are paid into
  • Enter £0 payments to ignore past payments
  • Edit mortgage settings.

We also updated the Capital Gains Tax report to include credit notes and display them in chronological order.

Direct debits were changed so that tenants are charged later if the rent date falls due on the weekend or on a bank holiday

For letting agent landlords, we updated the income tax report to include service costs paid on behalf of landlords.


We added the ability to organise your documents by tenancy not just by contract or property.

A setup wizard was added to guide you through creating a tenancy.

We made lots of improvements to the layout and content of the software to make it easier to use and navigate around.

Improvements were made to the tenant manager module so it’s now easier to end a tenancy or switch it to a periodic tenancy.

We launched a new knowledge base to replace our user guide. Now it’s easier than ever to get help with specific elements of the software.


March was a great month for us. We introduced our new e-signature module so that documents can be sent from Landlord Vision, signed electronically and returned electronically with all documents secure, fully tracked and legally binding.


We updated the E-signature module, so it would accept word documents as well as pdfs.

The bank reconciliation report got an update, so the order of the entries would match the order of transactions on the bank statement.


After an overwhelming number of votes CO alarms were added to facilities in the property manager module. Now you can track which of your tenants has a CO alarm and when it needs to be tested.

We added an alarm check section to the tenancy check in list.

Updates to our direct debit mandates make it easier to see when your direct debits have been unsuccessful.


June was a bumper month, we updated the task section and introduced new task management features. Now it’s easier than ever to create and assign tasks in the software.

Here’s a quick overview of the new task management features that were added:

  • Add multiple contacts to tasks
  • Add multiple properties and rooms to tasks
  • Add multiple tenancies to tasks
  • Use new and improved search task filters
  • Give tasks specific time deadlines
  • Built in task types for property viewing and maintenance

We updated our Android and IOS apps so that new features would be included

The expenses and invoices search function was also updated, now you can find your expenses and invoices by item and item description rather than just header details.


In July we had our Scottish legal documents checked and updated, then we loaded them all into the software for you to use.

Changes were made to the way payments are recorded against property expenses, property income and tenant invoices. Now you can record payments against these items using accounts that are not bank accounts or credit cards.

We made changes to meter readings meaning that they can now be recorded at property level instead of just tenancy level.


In August we increased the maximum document size to 100mb, now you can store larger documents in the software.

The rest of the month we all took our summer holidays. Just kidding! We made some essential updates to our website.


We added the ability to edit direct debit mandates. This means you can change the amount on a direct debit without having to cancel the old mandate and set up a new one.


We all took a nap.

Again – just kidding!

We made some more essential updates to our website. We also made some ‘back end changes’ to help keep the software running smoothly.


In November we made changes to expenses and invoices so now you can add an expense and assign it to more than one property.

We added a new automation to make the software more efficient. Now when you’re claiming or retaining a deposit the credit note will be manually generated.

To make it easier to manage tasks in the software we’ve made it so that you can print tasks as worksheets and you can send them by email.


In December we did a lot of work on a feature request that’s had a lot of votes. The ability to record white and brown goods. We’ve been working on this for a little while and now it’s just about ready to launch before Christmas.

We also had a lot of votes for integrating bank accounts into the software so that bank transactions can be refreshed from the software. Our customers are really savvy, so they’ve been sharing their knowledge and concerns over on User Echo. We’re currently researching open banking API’s to determine the feasibility and cost of implementation.


So that’s our round up for the year. What will we work on next? Have your say over at User Echo.


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