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A Landlord’s Guide to Changing the Locks on a Rental Property

If you’re contemplating the legality of changing the locks on your rental property, the answer isn’t black and white. It depends on your motivations for changing them and whether you’ve notified your tenants.

By 5 min read

Conversations With A Landlord: The Path To Commercial Property

Property investment can sometimes be a bit of a lonely pursuit. We landlords can often be solitary creatures and despite all of the third-party advisors and property influencers out there, it can be difficult to find honest and experienced landlords who can speak openly about their own experiences. Such conversations can be imperative, as they […]

By 10 min read
Avoid these mistakes that buy-to-let landlords make 

Avoid these mistakes that buy-to-let landlords make 

Starting out as a buy-to-let landlord can be daunting. There’s lots of legal requirements, red tape, and a long list of things to get done before your tenant so much as moves in. Don’t be fooled, however, if you’re a seasoned landlord, nobody is safe from these common mistakes.  

By 13 min read
Understanding UK Landlord Licensing Rules blog image

Understanding UK Landlord Licensing Rules

Determining whether you need a license for your UK rental property isn’t always straightforward, as different areas of the country have different rules.

By 6 min read
What Do You Really Need To Know About Pest Control if You’re a UK Landlord blog

What Do You Really Need To Know About Pest Control if You’re a UK Landlord?

It’s one of those scenarios that landlords dread: an unexpected phone call, email or text from a tenant to deliver news of unwanted guests. Sometimes they’re furry; some have wings; while others are creepy and crawly. They can be really unpleasant and affect people’s health and happiness.

By 6 min read
The Landlord's Guide to Boiler Maintenance

The Landlord’s Guide to Boiler Maintenance

The boiler in your buy-to-let is more than just another appliance. It is essential for creating a safe and comfortable living environment for tenants. Considering boilers are among the most expensive appliances in a buy-to-let, it is also in the landlord’s best interests to know how to maintain it properly. 

By 8 min read

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How Will Landlords Evict Tenants Post Section 21? 

How Will Landlords Evict Tenants Post Section 21? 

The Renters Reform Bill will revoke a landlord’s right to reclaim their property and evict tenants using a Section 21 notice. 

By 6 min read
Installing Solar Panels A Smart Investment for Landlords blog image

Installing Solar Panels: A Smart Investment for Landlords

With the increase in demand for renewable energy and sustainable living, solar panel installations have become a smart investment for landlords. Not only do solar panels offer financial benefits, but they also contribute to a greener future.

By 5 min read

Tips for Hosting a Successful Short-Term Rental in the UK

Short-term rentals have gained tremendous popularity in the United Kingdom. More travellers prefer the comfort and convenience of staying in a well-equipped home rather than traditional accommodation options. 

By 4 min read

Two Recent Eviction Cases: Lessons for Landlords in the UK

Now that the House of Commons is in summer recess until 4th September, there will be no updates on outstanding Bills or introductions of new Bills. It’s time to check if any changes or updates to our administration are necessary.

By 9 min read

Efficiency Matters: How Landlords Can Improve Boiler Performance

As a landlord, ensuring the efficiency and performance of your boiler system is paramount. A well-functioning boiler not only keeps your tenants comfortable but also saves you money in the long run.

By 6 min read

A Landlord’s Guide to Property Auctions

Property auctions hold a unique and special place in the minds of many would-be landlords and property investors. Popularised by shows such as “Under The Hammer”, many people conceive property auctions as intimidating bull-pens where fortunes are won and lost in mere moments.

By 14 min read

The Landlord’s Guide to Navigating Tenancy Deposit Claims and Disputes

Tenancy deposits act as a safety net for landlords, providing financial protection when tenants breach their tenancy agreements. Without this protection, landlords could find themselves out of pocket if a tenant stops paying rent or causes malicious damage to their property. 

By 7 min read
The Student Landlord's Guide to Tenant Fees

The Student Landlord’s Guide to Tenant Fees

Managing student properties is no easy task, with student landlords often required to juggle multiple responsibilities. While it can certainly be a full-time job, it can also be very rewarding both financially and in terms of the satisfaction that comes from performing the job well.

By 7 min read

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