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Mary has been a self-managing landlord since 1972 and until July 2018 she was the West Midlands Regional Representative for the NLA. Over the years Mary has been consulted by government, local authorities and other groups within the housing industry and is well known for her in-depth knowledge of legislation and regulation. She continues to run regular landlord accreditation seminars on behalf of local authorities. Mary regularly contributes to the Landlord Vision newsletter and blog providing our readers with valuable, down to earth and realistic insights into the key issues that keep landlords awake at night.

Advice for Landlords on Dealing with Utility Increases

Most of us look forward to Spring but I think that it’s fair to say that this year we are looking forward to it more than ever because it will bring the hope of lower living costs and, for landlords who let “all-inclusive”, a welcome relief from the stress of trying to keep up with […]

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Advice for Landlords Dealing with Energy Cost Increases in Rental Properties and HMOs

I take part in many online discussions with other landlords and with tenants. This helps to keep me up to date with what’s happening in the private rented sector all over Great Britain. Often there are issues which are specific to one country and at other times issues which affect us all. I’m going to […]

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Please Read This Before Deciding Where to Invest 

As 2022 comes to an end it’s no wonder that landlords are concerned and confused when, on our little island, we have three different legislative regimes to contend with.  

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What Landlords Should Know About Evictions When Selling Their Properties

There has been a mood change among landlords in recent weeks, where once we were fundamentally an optimistic group many are now becoming very pessimistic, and the media aren’t helping.

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The New Academic Year Begins With Energy Crisis & Increased Student Loan Costs

Price caps on energy have been announced, there is a whole new wave of concern about the cost of living increases. Students are facing increasing costs of loans.

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What Do Landlords Fear Most? Prepare for the Worst and Hope for the Best

A gloom has descended over the landlord community, it began when we were treated like no other business and had the interest on business loans/mortgages (which amount to the same thing in our business) excluded from tax exemption – known as Section 24 because it is Section 24 of the Finance Act 2017. 

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A Fairer Private Rented Sector – What this Whitepaper Means for Landlords

This White Paper starts the process for new legislation leading to consultation and the publication of a Bill that will go through the Houses of Commons and Lords before receiving Royal Assent.  In other words, it will be some time before we see any changes and there is still time to make our MPs aware […]

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What’s on the Horizon for Landlords in 2022?

There have been a lot of updates so far on legislation that is aimed at governing the private rental sector. In turn this will have an impact on landlords. In today’s post Mary Latham will be explaining what landlords can expect to see on the horizon this year.

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More Legislation on the Horizon for the Private Rental Sector?

On 13th April the Public Accounts Committee published its 49th  report of 21-22 Session – Regulation of private renting.  It’s important to keep an eye on these reports because they often lead to more legislation and it’s good to have an early warning. This report is very upfront, as can be seen from the title, […]

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Selling Tenanted Properties and Sponsoring Ukrainians – Things Landlords Should Know

There are a couple of issues that are cropping up at the moment:   The landlord has decided to sell the property but there is a tenant in place.  The government is making an offer for us to offer a home to people coming from Ukraine. 

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Landlord Updates: Energy Cap, Right to Rent, RRO, Japanese Knotweed and More

The government has revealed major plans to “level up” England dealing with issues like unemployment and local economies with the aim to close the North-South divide. In a White Paper, published in February, they laid out their plans to achieve this.  There is mention of a Landlords Register and the loss of Section 21 but […]

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Compliance Changes Have Big Implications for Landlords

Spring is around the corner, and this will probably be the most welcome Spring in recent history. Hopefully we are going to return to unrestricted socializing and celebrating in the very near future. 

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Landlords Have a Difficult Year Ahead – Time to Take Notice

I share a lot of information through my social media accounts and often have some interesting online discussions as a result.  The amount of people who actually read the posts, click on the links or comment will depend on the subject of course, how busy people are offline and even the time of day.

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Do I Need an EPC for My HMO? And Other Energy Efficiency Questions

Do I need an EPC for my HMO? THAT HAS BECOME A VERY IMPORTANT QUESTION. The colder it becomes the more I think about the need to get rented properties up to a C. I always begin planning when new regulations are mentioned and 2025 will soon come around. In the meantime, investigating the options […]

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