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Tips on Selling a Property Quickly

By 4 min read • October 3, 2019
A house for sale model on a phone.

This guest post has been provided by Property Solvers who are experts in selling properties quickly. Here they’re sharing their top tips with you…

There are many reasons why you may wish to sell your home as fast as you can. Perhaps you’ve been offered a great job in a different city, or abroad, and you need to get your affairs in order as soon as possible.

Perhaps you’ve been put in charge of someone’s estate at a very busy time in your life, or perhaps you’ve just fallen in love with a new property and need access to funds to complete a purchase or want to minimize your own chain in order to become a good prospect as a buyer.

Whatever the motives for your decision to sell up as quickly as you can, there are many ways in which you can achieve this goal. The team at Property Solvers are well versed in selling houses fast; read on for their top tips and find out how you can speed up the process.

Give it a Cosmetic Upgrade

A good looking house will always sell more quickly that one that looks tired, worn, untidy or dirty in any way. Before any valuers, viewers or photographers visit, be sure to spruce the place up as much as you can. Clear away clutter from all rooms and storage spaces, vacuum, mop and dust every area, polish furniture, fix broken fittings and give all of your walls a new lick of paint.

Try to highlight and accentuate any unique or period features and give your garden a mow, weed and general manicure. This costs so little and won’t only make a difference to the speed at which your home sells, but you may find that it’s now worth more than it might have previously been.

Get Good Pictures

Making your house beautiful will achieve nothing if the pictures displayed in your estate agent’s window and online fail to do it justice. You won’t get viewings if the very first impression you create is not attractive.

Many agents allow you to submit your own photographs, so try to present the best possible images of your home, whether you do it yourself or hire a professional.

Ensure that all the spaces are tidy, then arrange a shoot for a time when the light will be best. Open all of the curtains and try to catch as much natural light as possible. Take photos from the doorways or corners of each room to give a feeling of scale and space.

Include as many different pictures as you can to allow potential buyers to get a realistic feel of the property. You should also ideally add a floor plan and a map of the local area.

Be Prepared

You will be less likely to have a sale fall through if everything is pretty much ready to go from the start. Have all of your paperwork ready, sets of keys for all doors and windows in one place and alarm codes, warranties for appliances and other documentation collected together.

Take a formal inventory of the things you’ll be taking with you and the things you’ll be leaving. Find out as much information about the property as you can. Remember, homes with little to no chain are always more attractive to buyers, but that isn’t always something you can control.

Correspond regularly with your estate agent and solicitor and respond in full to all of their requests as quickly as you can. If you’re organised and prompt, it’s more likely that your service providers will be too. All of these things together will speed up any sale.

Spread the Word

Once your property is officially on the market and visible on your estate agent’s website, there’s nothing to stop you from doing a little promotion yourself. Link to its page on all social media platforms – after all, you may have a friend or follower who is looking for a place right now.

Stand Back

Try not to make your presence felt too much during viewings. If possible, and if the prospective buyers are accompanied, make your excuses and head out of the door. House hunters like to have the run of a place in order to better imagine how they would feel living there.

If you’re within earshot, viewers may find it somewhat difficult to discuss any changes they’d make to the property should they buy it for fear of hurting your feelings, so leave them to it. Having that kind of conversation will inspire them and make them more likely to take the plunge.

Lower your Asking Price

It’s not always an attractive prospect, but you may need to consider reducing your property’s price tag a little if your need to sell is urgent. You’ll probably be given a price range upon getting your home valued, so taking the number down towards the lower end of this may help you.

Be careful not to go too low, however, as this might have the opposite effect by raising concerns among prospective buyers that something is wrong with the property.

Choose Your Estate Agent Wisely

Your estate agent may just be the most important part of securing a quick property sale. Shop around and read online reviews of the services of each company, check their credentials and consider the unique selling points through which they promote themselves.

If an estate agent has a reputation for quick turnovers or fast property sales, they should automatically go on your priority list.

There are highly experienced firms in existence that work specifically in the field of fast property sales.  Property Solvers is one such company.

There are two options to choose from when you opt to sell this way. Either the company will offer you cash for your property in as little as seven days – so you won’t need to wait for a buyer to express interest – or we will find a buyer for your property within 28 days using the Property Solvers Express Sale Service.

Of course, unless you opt to sell your home to a firm for cash, luck plays a huge part in any property sale but, as you’ve seen, there is a lot you can do to influence the process.

By following all of the advice above, it’s likely that you’ll be able to sell your property much more quickly than if you decided to put it on the market with its current appearance, very basic images, no preparation, no social media boost, a higher-end asking price and the first estate agent you find.

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