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So, you’ve still got questions?

If you need help please get in touch with our support team.
But here are some common questions we get…

About Landlord Vision

Does Landlord Vision work on MACs?
What is Landlord Vision?
What are the Minimum System Requirements?
Is Landlord Vision 'Making Tax Digital' (MTD) Compliant?
Can Landlord Vision be used to run a letting agent business?
Does Landlord Vision integrate with an accounting package such as Xero?
What is the maximum number of tenancies that can be managed in Landlord Vision?
Which package should I choose?
Can Commercial Properties Be Recorded in Landlord Vision?
How to change the bank account that your Landlord Vision subscription is collected from

Legal and Tax Module

What is included in the 'Legal and Tax' module?

Making Tax Digital

What is Making Tax Digital for Income Tax?
Who can sign up for Making Tax Digital for Income Tax?
Is Landlord Vision MTD ready?
Got more MTD questions?

Security and Data Storage

Where is the data stored?
How often will the data be backed up?
Will it be safe for me to access my data over the internet?
Is my data shared with anyone else?
Who Owns My Data?

Using Landlord Vision

What support is provided for Landlord Vision?
Can I access the data using my tablet computer and smartphone?
How Do I Add Additional Users?
I use a letting agent for managing my properties. Will Landlord Vision still benefit me?
Can multiple users access Landlord Vision at the same time?

Portfolio and Property Management

How do I create a portfolio?
How do I change the portfolio name?
Can I manage my overseas properties?
Does the software have the option to use different currencies?
How many portfolios and properties can I set up in the software?
Can properties be moved from one portfolio to another?
How do I add a contact?
How do I add a property?
How do I enter a room for Multi-lets/Houses of Multiple Occupation (HMOs)?
What is a target rent and how do I apply it to a property/room?
Can I delete portfolios?
Can Landlord Vision Accomodate Properties Held in a Limited Company?

Tenant Management

How do I add a tenant?
How do I make a rental payment?
How do I create an LHA tenancy?
What is the tenant journal for?
Can I see outstanding rents at any given time?
How do I create a tenant journal entry?
I have existing tenancies, can I set them up in Landlord Vision's 'Tenant Manager' section?


What is the Payment History report?
What is the Overdue Rents report?
What is the Tenant Journal report?

Early Warning System

How can I see tenancies which are due to expire?
How can I see rents that are overdue?
How can I see rents that are due to be paid in the future?

Migrating Data From Other Sources

I currently manage my properties in spreadsheets. Can I import the data into Landlord Vision?
I use Landlords Property Manager - Can I migrate my data to Landlord Vision?
Is there a restriction to the data that will be imported?

Collecting Rents Via Direct Debit

What are the benefits of my tenants paying by Direct Debit?
Who collects my tenants’ Direct Debit payments?
How is the money then paid onto me, the landlord?
What are the fees?
Will I be informed if a Direct Debit fails?
How do I edit my GoCardless account?
What countries can I collect payments from?
How do I set up a Direct Debit for my tenant?
Can I fill in the payment mandate on my tenant’s behalf?
What details will appear on my tenant’s bank statement?
How can tenants keep track of their payment history?
How can my tenants update or amend their Direct Debit details with GoCardLess?
How soon after setting up the Direct Debit will payments be collected?
What happens if there is a change in the rental amount i.e. a rent increase?
What happens if my tenant cancels their Direct Debit?

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Compliance

Is Landlord Vision GDPR Compliant?
How Can I, a Landlord, Become GDPR Compliant?

Bank Feeds

Does Landlord Vision support Bank Feeds?
Which banks are supported?
Why isn't Metro Bank listed?
What is a live bank feed?
How do I connect my account to my bank?
My bank is not listed, can I still reconcile it?
Why has my bank feed stopped?

Refer a Friend Scheme

How can I refer a friend to Landlord Vision?
I already got 3 months free, can I refer another friend?
How do I know if my referrals were successful?

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