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Landlords’ Property Manager and Landlord Vision Changes

This document details the main differences between Landlords’ Property Manager and Landlord Vision. In particular it details the new enhancements that have been introduced in Landlord Vision.

Detailed below are the major enhancements that have been introduced in Landlord Vision:
  1. New Accounting Module

    Whether receiving income or paying bills the new Landlord Vision accounting module records each transaction in full detail.

    • New ‘Chart of Accounts’ area.
    • Not only can you create multiple bank and credit card accounts, now you can also create Expense accounts (including ‘Accounts Payable’ and ‘Accounts Receivable’), Equity, Asset, Liability and Revenue accounts.
    • From within the new ‘Chart of Accounts’ area you can create inter-bank transfers i.e. company account to savings’ account.
    • You can also make payments to your credit cards to clear balances.
    • Sub-accounts can be created to keep types of accounts grouped together and create your own sub-account expense categories.
    • Each account will show a transactional history similar to the ‘Accounts Analysis’ report in Landlords’ Property Manager.
    • Items List: A pre-created list of income and expense items are already created for you and assigned to specific accounts. However, you can also create your own.
    • Each item has a running total of what has been spent/received in the current tax year.
    • New Tenancy Deposit accounting solution.
    • New system for recording overpayments.
    • New ‘Journal Vouchers’ area for recording non-landlord/tenant transactions i.e. end of year adjustments, deficit and expenditure transfers.
  2. New Expense Module
    • When creating a bill you can assign it to a single property or to the entire portfolio
    • Supplier Refunds and Credit Notes can now be created.
    • Automatic creation of invoices and credit notes.
    • Setting up of recurring bills where invoices are automatically created.
    • Ability to scan in receipts and store against the expense
    • Ability to make partial payments
  3. New - Document Management Tool
    • Keep all documents in one area.
    • Ability to create folders and assign documents to properties and/or tenancies.
  4. New - Calendar Functionality
    • The new calendar module displays all your important property/rent related reminders in a calendar format including: when rents are due, when tenancies are expiring, safety certificate reminder and a lot more.
    • It is also possible to see calendar entries as agenda items.
    • You can set up and maintain your own calendar entries.
  5. New – Tenancy/Rents Payment Solution
    • Changed the way rents are recorded, with invoices now being generated.
    • Ability to add credit charges introduced.
    • New CSV import functionality to import tenancies.
    • New ‘Home’ page that allows you to look at rental payments and expiring tenants from all portfolios on one page.
    • New ‘Filter’ options for each section to help you locate or drill down to particular suppliers, payments and information.
    • New Rent Reporting: The overdue rents report and the upcoming rent report will be based on invoices that have been generated rather than information on the rent schedule.
    • Plus much more enhancements in this important module.
Minor Enhancements - You will find numerous as you go through the software including:
  1. Portfolio
    • Assigning multiple landlords to a portfolio.
    • Landlords and tenants are now added automatically to the ‘Contacts’ whenever you create them so no need to enter them twice.
    • Photos of your landlord can be uploaded against their contact profile.
    • You now have the ability to add multiple phone numbers and email addresses for each landlord, and can also record their D.O.B.
  2. Portfolio Dashboard
    • Actual rents Vs Target Rents Report.
    • Outstanding Tasks now appear on the Dashboard.
    • Upcoming rental income is now displayed in more detail.
    • Property Overview report allows you to see occupancy across all properties.
    • Periodic tenancies that have been rolled on are also listed here.
    • Expiring tenancies , insurances and safety certificates are displayed in more detail.
  3. Property Manager
    • Specifying target rents against properties and rooms.
    • Capturing picture against a room.
    • New ‘Property Occupancy’ screen with detailed layout.
    • New ‘Utility Supplier’ tab, split out from Utilities and Insurance tab.
    • New display of lists – you can choose how many records appear on screen. This applies to all lists throughout Landlord Vision.
  4. Tenant Manager
    • Assigning multiple tenants and recording rent against each tenant.
    • Rolling tenancies – ability to specify different periods or a specific date.
    • Rolling tenancies – new tab that allows you to quickly view all tenancies that have an associated with the rolling setting applied.
    • Early Warnings – New tab that allows you to quickly view all tenancies that are set up to have the Early Warning System alert you when they are coming to the end of their current tenancy.
    • Landlord Vision can be set to automatically generate tenant invoices. You can also specify how many days in advance the invoice is to be created.
    • A new, separate page for tenant occupation information.
    • New ‘Next of Kin’ section.
  5. Other Enhancements
    • Legal documents can now all be exported in PDF format in addition to Word.
    • Add photos of your contacts against their profile.
    • Plus much more!
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