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Landlord Vision Partnerships

Together we create stronger, safer software. Join us.

Landlord Vision works with partners to enhance the software and solve the problems of new markets. Here, learn more about becoming a landlord Vision partner, explore our current partnerships or find out about new partnerships we’re seeking.

Landlord Association Partnerships
A mosaic of logos demonstrating Landlord Vision partners

Integration partners

We integrate with the following businesses to add innovative features to Landlord Vision.

Net Lawman logo

Net Lawman

Landlords often need tenancy agreements, eviction notice letters, rent increase letters and more. Thanks to Net Lawman we can offer customers a suite of these documents drafted and regularly updated by property solicitors. Net Lawman’s proprietary software integrates seamlessly with Landlord Vision so auto-filled, compliant, legal documents can be printed or emailed from Landlord Vision with just a few clicks.

GoCardless logo


The GoCardless Landlord Vision integration allows us to provide direct debit rent collection within the software. This integration is available to all Landlord Vision customers with a nominal commission. We also use this integration to collect subscription fees, so customers know that their payment details are always secure.

Signable logo


Electronic signatures are growing in popularity for landlords and the Landlord Vision integration with Signable allows us to offer this service. Using Signable, customers can send documents from Landlord Vision to tenants, lawyers, clients, tradespeople and more and get them signed electronically and sent back. This allows our customers to keep all documents related to their properties in one place and build an audit trail which has never been more important.

Veryfi logo


One of Landlord Vision’s newest integrations, Veryfi, allows our customers to scan receipts and invoices into the software, extract information from them and create expenses and invoices in the accounting engine in just a few clicks. This integration was so exciting, it caused Emm to speak at 4x speed! It makes managing expenses and invoices fast and easy for our customers and we couldn’t have asked for a better partner to make this happen.

Aikidesk logo


Landlord Vision has integrated with Aikidesk almost since our inception in 2013. Aikidesk is designed and built by the same developers that created Landlord Vision and it houses our Tenant help desk where tenants can report maintenance issues and communicate directly with the landlord.

AWS logo

Amazon Web Services

We integrate with Amazon to provide scalable and secure cloud storage and to send emails from within the software. Landlord Vision has partnered with Amazon since 2013 as they are an industry leading company that we can rely on to provide our customers with best in class cloud storage and a trusted, secure, email solution.

Implementation Partners

Landlord Vision works with the following partners to implement the software in new markets.

A to Z logo

A to Z Financial Solutions UK LTD

A to Z Financial Solutions UK LTD provide cheaper mortgage brokerage to our customers. While this service isn’t yet integrated into the software, we are working towards this. Landlord Vision customers can get a free mortgage review with this partner and also receive discounted rates on mortgage offers.

Upad logo

Upad / Howsy

Our newest partner Howsy allows our customers to advertise their properties on Rightmove, Zoopla and Prime Location at a discounted rate via Upad. We plan to integrate this service into the software to reduce the amount of time our customers spend creating property advertisements.

Why Partner with Landlord Vision?

Landlord Vision is a fast-growing company with an expanding client base. With new customers signing up every day and our mailing lists expanding via our resource library we have a lot to offer when it comes to marketing your brand and mutually growing both of our client bases.

Our software has been developed by a highly skilled development team who work in-house. You won’t find our products anywhere else. The team are adept at technical problem solving and have been able to quickly integrate with new solutions.

We are a small and flexible company. We don’t get bogged down by the red tape and we are not risk averse, so we are open to discussing new and interesting integrations and partnerships while being able to move quickly on their integrations.

We are grateful to our partners for enhancing our software and bringing us new customers, if you help us to succeed then we’ll go out of our way to help you succeed too.

How to Partner with Landlord Vision

Partnering with Landlord Vision is easy. Simply use the button below to complete our contact form. Give us your name and contact details and let us know the best days and times to get hold of you. Let us know a little bit more about the partnership you have in mind, and we’ll be in touch to discuss the opportunity further.

New Integration Partnerships we are Currently Seeking

We are currently actively seeking the partnerships outlined below, but these aren’t all we’re interested in. If you have a partnership proposition for any integrations not included below, get in touch, we’re always happy to hear from potential partners.

What do our Partners Say?

Together with Landlord Vision, we’ve developed what we believe are best-in-class legal documents for landlords. It is a pleasure to work with them and to see our documents integrated into such great software.
~Thomas - Net Lawman – Legal documents partner~

Veryfi is honored to be working with the leader in UK property management software to deliver superior real-time data extraction capabilities for all Landlord Vision customers’ receipts & bills. This secure machine automation translates into a colossal time saving each month vs traditional methods that rely on human labor. If you have a property portfolio that needs great software to back it then look no further than Landlord Vision, this is the future!
~Veryfi – Receipt scanning partner~

What do our Partners Say?

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